Enhle Mbali starring in show called Homewrecker. Tweeps react

Enhle Mbali starring in show called Homewrecker

Enhle Mbali starring in show called Homewrecker. Enhle Mbali, also known as Enhle Mlotshwa, has landed a part opposite Letoya Makhene-Pulumo in the newest Homewrecker film on Netflix. Given the title of the film and her rumored dating history, many tweeps found it “ironic” that the celebrity would appear in it.

The friend and businessman Justice Huni was accused of having an affair with the actress and fashion designer. Valentine Bango, Justice’s wife, revealed the accusations at the end of last  year.

Apparently leaked audio of a conversation between Valentine and Enhle went viral, according to sources. Valentine apparently asked Enhle whether she would be interested in becoming Justice’s second wife, but Enhle allegedly declined.

Enhle Mbali starring in show called Homewrecker

The casting information was announced on Twitter by entertainment analyst Phil Mphela on June 26.

Tweeps have since shared their opinion of Enhle’s role in the movie:

“The irony 😂😂😂

Not Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa co-starring in a new Netflix film called “Homewrecker” after her life episodes of infidelity and polygamy…”

“Mbali Mlotshwa said “In this life, I will be booked and busy” ghel is working.”

“Lol, this is not fair someone had practiced this in real life as an audition…😭😭. She sure bagged the role…🔥🔥😊😂”

“Konje Enhle-Mbali said “I have cond0ms in every facet of my world” in that voicenote, Homewrecker is a perfect title for this movie 😭😭😭”

“HOMEWRECKER, i love it when an actor or actress plays themselves coz its easy money.”

Homewrecker is set to premiere on Netflix this July.

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