Faith Nketsi ready for another baby

Faith Nketsi ready for another baby
Faith Nketsi ready for another baby

Faith Nketsi ready for another baby.

Faith Nketsi-Njilo, a reality television personality on Mzansi, says that she wants a second child with her husband. Nketsi-Njilo expressed her desire for a second child on Twitter, especially a male to be Sky’s sibling.

Faith Nketsi baby

Faith Nketsi-Njili, a new mother and wife, must be enjoying motherhood. Nzuzo Njilo once more acknowledges on Twitter that she and her spouse wish to have more children. The reality television actress from Have Faith has admitted to desiring more children before.

She had social media on edge a month ago when she acknowledged wanting another child. The celebrity said that she didn’t want to get pregnant. When Twitter users offered to be her surrogate, she laughed it off and said that people would refer to her as Kim Kardashian.

“I high key want a another baby” wrote Faith Nketsi-Njilo

Since she already has a stunning daughter named Sky Njilo, Nketsi-Njilo is adamant on having a boy to balance the genders. Nketsi-Njilo is known for not apologizing for speaking her mind, and this baby topic was no exception. She is unapologetically shy to take to social media and speak her truth.

On Twitter, several tweeps share Nketsi-enthusiasm Njilo’s as they push her to have another child so that Sky can have a sibling.

“I say go for it. Ira bana every year until ole satisfied and then focus on mothering all just like how white people do it🥹” wrote one tweep

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