Faith Nketsi’s husband Nzuzo Njilo passes out after heavy drinking

Faith Nketsi’s husband Nzuzo Njilo passes out after heavy drinking

Faith Nketsi’s husband Nzuzo Njilo passes out after heavy drinking. Just 72 hours after being freed from prison, Nzuzo Njilo, a South African businessman and Faith Nketsi’s husband, allegedly drank himself unconscious.

His co-accused Kwanda Ntshangase, who had broken the terms of his bail by contacting the fraud victim, was nearly sent back to jail in the meanwhile.

At the Port Shepstone magistrates court on Friday, Njilo and Ntshangase received bail amounts of R30,000 and R3,000, respectively.

According to the publication, Njilo, Nketsi, and their friends had a great time dancing the night away over the weekend at clubs like Booth and businessman Edwin Sodi’s venture LIV in Sandton.

Faith Nketsi's husband, allegedly drank himself unconscious

Faith Nketsi’s husband Nzuzo Njilo passes out after heavy drinking

Njilo allegedly passed out at the club’s management offices on Sunday night after having too many drinks.

A club employee who spoke to the publication on condition of anonymity said: “Faith’s man was at Liv on Sunday. He ordered a ton of Don Julio and champagne. They left at around 3am, but when they left Njilo had passed out in the office.”

Njilo was allegedly detained in the manager’s office while out with pals because he was too intoxicated.

“He was just happy. He obviously drank too much. Faith left him at the club and some of our friends left early but he stayed out of trouble and was held in the office because he was just drunk, not rowdy,” the friend said.

Njilo was not detained in the office, according to a Liv Club employee who only went by the name Fanele, and spent the majority of the time inside the club with his buddies.

“No one locked him in the office. He was in his section with his wife having a good time … We don’t know what time he left,” Fanele said.

Njilo was not immediately available for comment as his phone went to voicemail.

After getting in touch with the fraud victim in the case that was brought against them in KwaZulu-Natal, Ntshangase stirred up some controversy.

The witness received a message from Ntshangase one day after her release, remarking on her images and sending laughing emojis, according to WhatsApp chats seen by the publication.

The police were notified by the victim about the message, and they warned Ntshangase via phone. He got back in touch with the woman to apologize after getting the police call.

The text message sent by Ntshangase read: “Hi I was on the phone with the IO [investigating officer]. I sent you this message, I did not know that I was not supposed to contact you even just for a harmless conversation. He called me and told me to apologize, I am sorry.”

The woman was reportedly cheated by Ntshangase and Njilo who sold her a truck in 2021 but failed to deliver it.

Before the end of May, the case will return to court as each of them is accused of fraud in connection with the dubious sale of the truck.

On June 28, Njilo is also scheduled to appear in court for a different fraud-related case in Randburg.


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