Famous Prophet Rhadebelihle Sends Warning To Mzansi, Throws Bombshell

Famous Prophet Sends Warning To Mzansi, Throws Bombshell

Famous Prophet Rhadebelihle Sends Warning To Mzansi, Throws Bombshell

I guess you all know Mzansi prominent sangoma who recently rose to fame. Rhadebelihle made waves after he had predicted Shona Ferguson’s death, which happened in just a few months after the prophecy.

The famous sangoma has now become a household name and he is gaining more fame for his sometimes accurate prophecies. Just last week he warned that King Misuzulu was not safe and urged Mzansi to pray, and the next thing the Zulu King was hit by an illness.

Rhabelihle has hit again and this time his prophecy is for the whole country. He says there’s a ground/land in Mzansi which is currently and slowly sinking deeper and deepee inside.

Rhadebelihle says he saw the ground it opening in two swallowing people inside. He says many people will die and the government will be held responsible for it. Rhadebelihle claims that there’s a way to prevent the land from swallowing people and the government must find it. Maybe government knows something about what Rhadebelihle is saying, hence they dug the infamous one million graves.

Apparently the government has placed people on that exact land without doing a proper research. They have built houses for people on that dangerous land. “I am not attacking the government or anyone in power. I am just giving government a chance to fix it before it happens because there’s no stopping it but alerting the people.

It’s a pity the sangoma could not disclose the exact location where the land is. Now we all have to live in fear because this man’s predictions are scary sometimes.


He is still giving prophecies about places including Swaziland

“Swaziland is getting closer on getting democracy however I fear that in a long run they will not be happy with the people who will be in power if it. If it were for me I’d say the people who will take control to be very careful of not leading the country into drain.🌞🧘❤”

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