Free Online Courses To Do During This Lockdown Period


Free Online Courses To Do During This Lockdown Period

Free Online Courses To Do During This Lockdown Period
Free Online Courses To Do During This Lockdown Period

There is a wide array of online courses on offer that anyone can keep busy with whilst on lockdown. From Digital marketing to Data Sciences, all of these portals have a lot of courses available for free. Here are five sites that offer free online course that you can try out:

Keeping yourself occupied during lockdown can be tricky especially if you’re not going to work. However, just because it’s lockdown doesn’t mean you have to slouch around and do nothing. It’s the right opportune time for you to learn a skill or two through free online courses. You can spend your time learning new skills during this lockdown for free, you don’t have to spend any money to learn.

1.Google Digital Garage

From online campaigning to business security and AI, Google offers way over 125 courses. Most of the courses available on Google are free except for Google Digital Platform that provides a certificate in Digital Marketing and G-Suite.In addition to that, the teachers on Google are also one of the best trainers available online. The courses range from 2 hours to 20+ hours and you can even learn at your pace.

2. Udemy

Udemy has way over 100,000 courses on offer. Some of them are free and some of them are paid. But even the paid courses are highly affordable, they go for as low as $4. Udemy offers a variety of courses from leadership skills to python, Udemy basically offers everything.

3. Microsoft

Microsoft, just like Google is also another portal that provides free certificate courses to learn technical aspects of Microsoft apps. You can learn Excel, PPT, Word, and the complete suite on its instructor-led program. If you are a novice, with these exam based certificates, when the lockdown is over you can even land a new job.

4. Hubspot

Hubspot is one of the most trusted websites to learn anything and everything about Content Marketing. Most of the bite-sized lessons are about content marketing and design. It also offers courses on how to sell a product online and offer services. All of the courses are free and most of them provide certificates that are widely recognized.

5) Bit Degree

Bit Degree is one of the best platforms to learn. This portal offers are of a wide variety of courses. it has over 150 free courses from YouTube and Instagram Marketing to understand how Blockchain works and Kindle Marketing, this site basically has it all. The best thing about Bit Degree is that it has international acclamation plus recruiter also consider the courses offered here. In addition, you can upgrade from just being a mere learner to being an instructor.

Whether you fancy picking up a brand new skill or just learning something for fun, the sites outlined above offer you tons of great online content to keep you busy during this lockdown period.

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