Gabriel Union and husband Dwayne Tours Africa

Gabriel Union and husband Dwayne Tours Africa
Gabriel Union and husband Dwayne Tours Africa. Photo/Instagram

Gabriel Union and husband Dwayne Tours Africa.

While touring the continent, American actress and starlet Gabrielle Union-Wade and her family are basking in the African sun. The #wadeworldtour2022 is the hashtag for the tour.

Gabrielle’s trip to Africa begins with a grandiose 2-day celebration of her 50th birthday in Zanzibar. She appears more youthful than ever. The birthday festivities were unexpected.

Gabriel Union and husband Dwayne Tours Africa

The actress said on Instagram that loved ones carefully prepared and withheld the specifics from her. Gabrielle continued by expressing her deep gratitude for all of her loved ones who traveled from all around the world to join her in her celebration.

Latina singer Lisa Lisa flew out to perform at Gabrielle Union’s birthday, capping out the Zanzibar leg of the tour. This fulfilled a lifelong fantasy and added to the significance of her 50th birthday. A night to remember for sure!

The actress and her family made a detour in Ghana after Zanzibar. She stated that Ghana owes us nothing but has given us everything in another Instagram post. @kaaviajames felt comfortable there. WadeWorldTour2022

Based on the Instagram posts, Namibia was the next stop, and it appears to have been a memorable one. A video clip of the star and her family observing elephants roaming and bathing was posted on Instagram.

A visit to the red dunes added even more magic to the experience, as though witnessing the elephants was not amazing enough already.


The red dunes in Namibia, according to Gabrielle, are among the top three most stunning locations she has ever visited. Adding to the fact that it is a truly beautiful and magical place Lewis Hamilton, a Formula One driver, deserves praise as well for introducing them to this blessing.

Lewis enthused about how much he enjoyed the post in his comment on it. So glad you went, what a gorgeous place, he said. I cherish Africa.

The tour’s Namibian leg is merely a continuation of the emotional, mental, and physical rebirth.

The American actress is now on tour in South Africa and is obviously smitten with the nation. from going to famous places like Table Mountain to having a party with Pearl Thusi.

The evening with Pearl will go down in history because they took part in Beyonce’s cuff it dance challenge at Groove. You might agree that the challenge is over after watching the video because these two dominated the dance!

The trip has now gotten even better because Gabrielle’s hubby has given her his 17th tattoo. For the actress, it is a significant and sentimental moment to cherish forever.

We are so happy that Gabriel and Wade beat all odds against them and now they are happymore than ever.

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