Generations’ Gangster Mavusana Dies

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Generations’ Gangster Mavusana Dies

Generations’ Gangster Mavusana Dies

Rest in Peace Mavusana. A promising up and coming gangster was gunned down tonight in cold blood.

The gospel we preach to many young people is that crime does not pay. We tell kids that if you commit a crime, all of your bad deeds would eventually catch up with you.

Gaddafi assassinated Mavusana, Mavula Vala, and Ma-International tonight on Generations the Legacy. He thought he was a superb soldier protecting his lord, but it appears that he bit off more than he could chew.

Gaddafi does not take kindly to people who are not loyal to him or those who betray him. The short tempered Gaddafi reacted poorly tonight and killed the one person who had his back.

A brief background. Gaddafi is Kumkani Phakade the crime lord on Generations the legacy played by Vuyo Dabula. Gaddafi welcomed his adopted son Mpho in to his criminal organization as his apprentice.

Meanwhile Mpho is working with detective Malinga trying to bring those who were involved in the illegal organ trade to book. The illegal organ trade took the live of Mpho’s friend Tamryn Bason.

Now the focus, Mavusana suspected Mpho of being a snitch or an informant in the normal and acceptable language. Mpho framed him so that he can be removed from the criminal organisation.

The truth was subsequently revealed by Mavusana. He became overly enthusiastic and dashed to Gaddafi to convey the news. Unfortunately, when Gaddafi heard the news, he was conflicted. Even gangsters have feelings, and murdering your own child, whether biological or adoptive, is a difficult task.

Poor Mavusana was the only one who earned a headshot for attempting to assist. Gaddafi cut short the life of a young potential gangster.

Now we are waiting with bated breath to see what the unhinged Gaddafi will do next. He has a list of people who needs killing and he is going to deliver.

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