Here’s Riky Ricky’s heartbreaking suicide note to wife and kids

Here’s Riky Ricky‘s heartbreaking suicide note to wife and kids

Here's Riky Ricky's heartbreaking suicide note to wife and kids
Here’s Riky Ricky’s heartbreaking suicide note to wife and kids

A suicide note was found next to Riky Rick before being rushed to hospital.

A DJ friend who has worked with Riky confirmed to True Love that the musician had taken his own life and had been battling with his mental health.

Lyrics seemingly reading as goodbye notes to his wife and kids left by late rapper Riky Rick in his music have dominated the social media TLs since he died on Wednesday morning.

After his last Twitter post seemingly derived from lyrics from his song Home that read:

“The harvest blown again this year

But I’ll return a stronger man

I’ll return to me my homeland

No grave shall hold my body down This land is still my, my Home”

Nota Baloyi took to his timeline sharing a screenshot of his songs A Time to Love and Wonder where he cited his feelings about his father’s death and his fear that he would die “over some dumb sh*t”.

Riky rick suicide note

Mzansi jammed to his song Home but little did they pay attention to the lyrics as it had heart breaking suicide thoughts . Here is the lyrics he revealed all the pain he was going through

“Six million ways to die, choose one

This land is still, my home

This land is still, my home

Out by a shanty, where the dust hangs high

Far from a river where things grow green

The flowers weep and they lean away

From the blood stained soil beneath my feet

Uh, all this pressure gon’ be the death of me

Fake love killin’ my energy

I been thinkin’ about the memories

Pour some liquor for all my enemies

Pour some liquor for all my dead homies

R.I.P I’ll see you there homies

I pray I meet you at the crossroad

Sooner or later only God knows (only God knows)

What it do though? (Do though?)

I never thought I’d pull up in a two door

I was rapping for fun but now it’s fruitful

When fruitful, also come with brutal

Sometimes I feel like I wanna leave it

If I leave then who they gonna believe in?

How they gonna receive it?

Or do they even need it?”

Mzansi took to Twitter sharing lyrics from his song, lamenting how the song was different now that he is gone.

With Riky Rick having openly spoken about his mental health struggles, Sadag deputy board chair and clinical psychologist Zamo Mbele told TimesLIVE that the musician’s death “must be a powerful reminder of the important and life-saving conversation about the problem of suicide in society. No-one should be next, let’s talk and let us help.

“Escaping the pain, grief and distress that many people look to suicide for does not need to cost one’s life. Instead, through skilled help, you can escape your distress and save a life.”

For help, call Sadag’s suicide helpline 0800-567-567, Sadag helplines 0800-456-789 / 0800-21-22-23/ 0800-70-80-90 or SMS 31393 or

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