How To Call Someone Who Has Blocked Your Number

Call Someone Who Has Blocked You

If it is necessary to communicate with someone who has blocked your number, then it is possible.

Here I have highlighted various ways you can use to connect with that one person that has blocked you. You can do this using Android or iPhone.

Make a call from another number

If the other party has blocked your number and you have a burning issue you have to communicate to them, then you can use a different name number.

This will go through since the other party has only blocked your number but not the new one.

By doing this you will have a chance to pass your message to that person also solve an differences between you.

Hide caller ID

Hiding your ID can helps mask your identity when making a call. This is important since the person who blocked your number will not know who is calling and will be forced to pick the call.

To hide caller ID on iPhone go to your settings and click the “Phone” section of the settings. Select “Show My Caller ID” and then turn it off.

Users using Android can do this by, selecting call on settings, then click additional. Once you are there, select Caller ID, under it click Hide Number. Your calls will remain hidden.

Dial *67

When you dial this, your call ID will automatically get hidden. It will appear as unknown to the other person’s phone. Before calling the number, add *67 before and proceed with the call. Example; *670712345678.

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Call Someone Who Has Blocked

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