How to properly interpret auction sheet, verify mileage while purchasing second-hand cars


How to properly interpret auction sheet, verify mileage while purchasing second-hand cars

How to properly interpret auction sheet, verify mileage while purchasing second-hand cars


It is not news, many Kenyans have been swindled by sales agents when purchasing second-hand cars.

Unfortunately, this is happening because in most cases, buyers are not aware or they are not in a position to properly interpret the auction sheet.

An auction sheet provides complete information about a unit, covering everything from scratches, major dents, and accidents history and it is created by an independent authority after assessing of the car.

While purchasing imported used vehicles, it is very important to request auction sheets as many importers are susceptible to falling for the physical appearance of a car.

Auction Grade

Second-hand cars are always listed under different grades and they underline the neatness and cost of the car.

Below are auction grades as seen on Kobe Motor Company and other similar websites.

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S – New

5 – Same as New

4.5 – Excellent grade with almost no issue

4 – Great grade with minor issues only

3.5 – Good grade with some issues that may need repair

3 – Average grade with issues to fix

2 – Bad grade

* – Non-running car, needs a forklift to be moved

R or O – Accident history/repaired. Repaired parts are mostly mentioned in the auction sheet.

RA – Minor accident repaired

RB – Heavy repair

RC – Pillar or frame has been changed/repaired

R2 – Accident history and mostly rust or corrosion issues

It is also important to note that alphabetical gradings A-D highlight the interior neatness of a car including seats, dashboard, roof and panels.

A – Excellent interior condition

B – Good condition with some imperfections

C – Good or average condition with imperfections

D – Bad interior condition

Other Detailed Vehicle Condition

1 – Minor, almost not noticeable (eg A1, U1)

2 – Small but noticeable (eg A2, U2)

3 – Average or big (eg A3, U3)

X – Big (Japanese kanji for “big”)

Vehicle Options

Second-hand car buyers should also pay attention to detail while inspecting parts like the sunroof, leather seats, parking sensors, navigation system and leather seats.

R – Sunroof

AW – Alloy Wheel

PS – Power Steering

PW – Power Window

X – Leather Seats


X – Navigation System

X – Airbag


Transmission include key things that are also indicated in the auction sheet.

This refers to the whole drivetrain, including clutch, gearbox, prop shaft (for rear-wheel drive vehicles), differential, and final drive shafts.

Manual F5, F6, MT, 5MT, 6MT

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Automatic AT, FA, FAT, CVT


The mileage of the car also determines the grade.

Grades 7, 8, 9 or S – These refer to a brand new car with only delivery mileage.

Grade 6 – This grade can sometimes be equivalent to the grades above, but sometimes will have a little more than just delivery mileage.

Grade 5 – A vehicle in superb condition, very close to brand new standard, but with several thousand kilometres on the odometer.

Grade 4.5 – A vehicle in excellent condition, but with up to a few tens of thousands of kilometres on the clock.

Grade 4 – A good, solid vehicle usually having less than 100,000 km on the clock.

Grade 3.5 – A higher mileage vehicle or one which will need some work to clean up.

Grade 3 – Either a very high mileage vehicle or one which is rough.

Grade 2 – A very rough vehicle usually with corrosion holes triggering this low grade.

Grade 1 – Usually a heavily modified vehicle that has had a different engine or transmission fitted, or which has an aftermarket turbocharger. Other possibilities are flood or fire extinguisher damage.

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