How women can deal with a big peni_s

How women can deal with a big peni_s

How women can deal with a big peni_s

Like snake vernomousity, a man’s peni_s size has always been used to categories the potential danger it can inflict.

While most tiny snakes are usually more venomous than big ones, that cant be said of a man’s penis – there’s no supporting research on the matter.

However, what we know is, it is usually a painful job to tame a huge snake. Take a python for instance. To catch one, snake experts advise the best way to contain it is to nullify its power by controlling its movements from its powerful head.

Such can be said of a man’s peni_s.

A recent global survey has shown that women can determine the size of a man’s p_enis by just looking at him – making it easier for them to choose who to go for.

It is such a snag dealing with a huge 4-5, women have claimed. But that hasn’t stopped the notion of equating it to great s3x.

The publication has come to ladies’ rescue on how they can deal with a huge 4-5.

The average peni-s length is 9.16 cm while flaccid and 13.12 cm when erect.

So if it is anyway bigger than normal, here is what experts recommend for ladies to try out during the act.

1. Spooning

This cuddling position allows one to handle the amount of penetration that can happen.

2. Standing doggy

Standing doggy makes deep penetration a little more bearable than other s3x positions.

3. Oral s3x

Oral sex and erogenous fun can up your chances of an orga-sm to replace the big 4-5.

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