How women tell the size of a man’s p_enis

How women tell the size of a man’s p_enis

How women tell the size of a man’s p_enis

A lot is often said about how men check out girls in public, ‘undressing’ them with just eyes.

This, because an eye has been the only ‘reliable’ and convenient source to make life-changing decisions in just seconds.

From falling in love on the first sight to making a judgement about the other person: that is the power of the eye.

However, it has always been one huge problem to determine the right partner from just the first glance.

There are many determinants to choosing the right partner and women seem to have mastered the art of using their eyes for more than just seeing.

A recent global survey has shown that women can determine the size of a man’s p_enis by just looking at him without taking off their clothes.

Here are some of the ways women tell if a man has a big p_enis or not.

1. How Men Sit

Sitting posture depends on varied reasons and one of them is due to the size of a man’s 4-5. One simple way to predict the size of a man’s penis is to study the way he regularly sits.

2. Measure The Size His Fingers.

Since ancient times, men and women have been talking of a correlation between the size of the fingers and the 4-5 size.

3. The Size of his Nose.

This is part of Greek mythology. For centuries Greek women have always been attracted to men with a big, long Roman nose as they believed such men are capable of making lots of babies.

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