Nigerian Online Scammer Hushpuppi Arrested By Dubai Police with over 40M$ Cash -Video

Nigerian Online Scammer Hushpuppi Arrested By Dubai Police with over 40M$ Cash -Video and ten international cybercriminals in a special operation dubbed “Fox Hunt 2”.

Nigerian Online Scammer Hushpuppi


Popular Nigerian online scammer Hushpuppi has been arrested in Dubai police after an operation carried out by Dubai Police over several months. Hushpuppi is known to live a lavish lifestyle driving top of the range cars and owning jets and helicopters.

Hushpuppi arrest video in Dubai reveal show how police arrested Ramoni Igbalode AKA Hushpuppi inside ‘Fox Hunt 2’ video

Hushpuppi arrest video wey Dubai reveal show how police arrest Ramoni Igbalode AKA Hushpuppi inside 'Fox Hunt 2' video

Dubai police on Thursday release video of how they arareted Instagram celebrity Ramoni Igbalode popularly known as Hushpuppi.

Dubai Police for statement wey BBC Pidgin obtain, show detail of how dem take gbab Hushpuppi wey dem dey suspect as Nigerian cyber hacker.

For inside tweet dem say dem arrest Hushpuppi and Olalekan Jacob Ponle aka “Woodberry” wit oda ten African cybercriminals for one special operation.

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Di operation wey dem call “Fox Hunt 2”, take down di suspects for crimes wey dem comit outside di UAE,

Di crimes include money-laundering, cyber fraud, hacking, criminal impersonating, scamming individuals, banking fraud and identity theft.

Lt. General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, di Commander-in-chief of Dubai Police, say di arrest of ‘Hushpuppi’, ‘Woodberry’ and di oda ten gang members na anoda achievement wey dem don add to di proud record of Dubai police.

Operation ‘Fox Hunt 2’ na anoda painful hit to cybercriminals wey dey try mess wit di world’s security and safety,” he tok.

Nigerian Online Scammer Hushpuppi


How Hushpuppi arrest ‘Fox Hunt 2’ take happun?

Brigadier Jamal Salem Al Jallaf, Director of Criminal Investigation Department (CID) for Dubai Police, say as dem receive security intel about one African gang wey dey involve wit money laundering and internet mago-mago, dem form investigation group to track dem down.

Afta dem clear say all di available informate dey correct, di team start to track di gang plus “Hushpuppi”, wey dey celebrate im wealth on social media platform, dey tok say im be businessman just to lie to im victims from all ova di world. Al Jallaf tok.

Di anti-cybercrime task force track di gang members, come detect dia criminal activities as dem dey create fake accounts on social media website wit fake nicknames, dey hack corporate emails to deceive clients to transfer moni to dia bank account.

Di suspects dey also target victims for abroad as dem go create fake websites for well-known companies and even banks make dem fot fit steal pipo credit card informate and den go tif dia moni.

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Di Director of Dubai CID say from di raid, dem gbab document of one planned fraud wey dey worth $435 million.

Dubai police say dem also seize:

  1. More dan $40.9 million cash moni
  2. 13 expensive cars wey worth $6.8 million moni wey dem get from mago-mago activities
  3. 21 computer device
  4. 47 smartphones
  5. 15 memory stick
  6. Five hard disk wey contain 119,580 fraud files
  7. Address of 1,926,400 victims.

Afta dem conduct more investigate, Dubai Police investigators discover some sensitive informate wey dem get from di computer of di suspects, on di individuals and abroad companies plus bank accounts and even fake credit cards wey don implicate di activities of di gang.

Ramoni Igbalode no be di first Nigerian to dey for limelight sake of internet mago-mago. recently one Nigerian entrepreneur, 32 year old Obinwanne Okeke, bin plead guilty to charges of $11 million internet mago mago for United States.

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