iFani blocked from accessing his money

iFani blocked from accessing his money

iFani blocked from accessing his money. His musical career has been a rocky road. He was previously the most well-known rapper, but once he returned back to Port Elizabeth to escape the enormous city of Johannesburg, he disappeared.

He made an unsuccessful attempt at a comeback in the music industry a few years ago. The musician known as iFani, whose real name is Mzayifani Mzondeleli Boltina, claims that his old record label, Universal Music, has forbidden him from getting royalties for his song Milli.

“Dear Universal Music Group,” he pens down. “Why block my Milli? Milli was licensed to @SonyMusicAfrica for five years. The masters have always been mine. So, why block my YouTube money? I don’t understand,” he adds.

The Shake rapper previously opened up about his battle with depression and how he would only come to life when he goes on stage. “I was feeding off the audience’s energy. But as I left the stage, I was back to my misery,” he shared

He claims that his months-long depression was overcome by his music. He also acknowledged that a car accident and the death of his grandmother in 2010 nearly drove him to suicide.

He was also kidnapped at gunpoint, and in 2014, goods worth more than R200,000 were stolen from his residence. But he hasn’t let these disappointments force him to relive that miserable period of his life.

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