Inside Hulisani Ravele’s fabulous Birthday celebration

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Inside Hulisani Ravele’s fabulous Birthday celebration

Inside Hulisani Ravele’s fabulous Birthday celebration
Inside Hulisani Ravele’s fabulous Birthday celebration

Media personality Hulisani Ravele recently celebrated her 34th birthday in style.

Having become quite synonymous with positive affirmations and wise words, the TV presenter had a one-on-one with her new age. Talking to “34″, Hulisani said she wanted the year to know her intentions early on.

“Exactly a week ago today, I met 34,” she began.

“Our first date was exactly what I wanted it to be; surrounded by the ocean, filled with love, laughter, bubbles & shots, and, of course, me, looking like a fire flame spitter! I wanted to show up to my first date with 34 with intention. I wanted her to understand just what I wish for our year together. That is, a year where we will stand firm and tall, a year where we will be bold, a year where we will let our light shine, unapologetically, and celebrate a heck of a lot!”

Hulisani celebrated her trip around the sun with her tribe in Cape Town, at the Views Boutique Hotel & Spa.

Dedicating the year to being as happy and as content as can be, Hulisani spent the days leading up to her birthday, introspecting and expressing gratitude.

Hulisani Ravele has been vocal about contracting Covid-19 and her stance on vaccinations.

But despite her transparency, a handful of tweeps have accused the media personality of being “paid” to share her thoughts and opinions on social media.

But Hulisani is putting it on record that this is not the case. In fact, the radio presenter even alleges she lost money over her words.

Hulisani Ravele revealed she had tested positive for Covid-19 after developing flu-like symptoms.

Hulisani’s tweet immediately attracted attention from anti-vaxxers who questioned if she was being paid to disclose the information

She clapped back at one tweep, posting: “I have never given any impression of being paid to talk about Covid and vaccines. If you must know, I’ve actually turned money down to do such. Don’t ridicule my experience because you don’t believe it”


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