J’Something Finally Opens His Restaurant

J'Something Finally Opens His Restaurant

J’Something Finally Opens His Restaurant. In Johannesburg’s Sandton neighborhood, Micasa’s J’Something has finally opened Artistry, his restaurant. Many congratulations have been sent to him by his fans, who are eager to visit the musician-turned-restaurant chef’s and show their support.

J’Something boasted on social media about setting up a restaurant in Sandton, the wealthiest square mile in all of Africa. The fact that he was finally able to open the restaurant, he claimed, left him speechless and in shock.

“I can’t believe that’s my restaurant. In the heart of Sandton. In the richest square mile in Africa. Whaaaaaat??” he wrote.

He thought back on how he had achieved this significant milestone ten years earlier. J’Something accomplished his goal of fusing food and art as a devoted foodie.

“Ten years ago I posted some dodgy ass photo a random roast chicken and need to place a hashtag cause it was the thing to do so I thought of #SomethingsCooking … ffw to today, there I was looking at @artistryjhb standing as a co-founder of a place that stands for everything I’ve ever wanted to do with food … to find a way to bring food and entertainment together in a way that placed focus on the artistry behind it all. To bring artists that are creating impactful assets that impact society and stand the test of time,” he continued.

J’Something Finally Opens His Restaurant

J’Something goes on to describe his restaurant saying it is not ‘just’ a restaurant, “This isn’t a restaurant. It’s not a bar. It’s not even a theatre. It’s a cultural platform that aims to showcase and celebrate the arts with the ambition of creating a journey for the lover of the arts that births an unforgettable moment. To birth an opportunity for intimacy between the artists and their fans like no other.”

“I walk in there everyday and I feel such a sense of pride for what we are about to do. It’s got my soul and character but it’s not about me, it’s about us and about them, the artists. I’m really happy. Thank you to @blackbrick_club for the opportunity and thank you for allowing me to bring a personal dream of mine to life! I trust we will make an impact on the culture of the arts … one day at a time.”

In a previous piece, J’Something characterized the “restaurant” as a place where people mighGrammy-winning group is anticipated to return to a hero’s welcome.t gather and enjoy cocktails, cuisine, poetry, movies, comedy, outdoor pool areas, and so much more.

“Rooftop – kitchen and bar with a pool and outdoor cinema

One floor down in the elevator … 100 seater theatre for intimate live performances, comedy nights, poetry, theatre, movie premiers, talks … etc …Another flow down in the elevator …The zzzAfterparty bar – curated music, classic drinks, and a place to connect and celebrate.

“I have for a long time dreamt of bringing music and food together in a way that can not only bring a unique experience but can also showcase the artistry behind it all … I can’t wait fora i AZZt all to unfold!”à

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