Khanyi Mbau Celebrates 20 Years In Entertainment “I’ve Had My N*des All Over The Internet”

Khanyi Mbau Celebrates 20 Years In Entertainment “I’ve Had My N*des All Over The Internet”

Khanyi Mbau Celebrates 20 Years In Entertainment. Khanyi Mbau is an actress, singer, radio personality, and business partner who has recently moved permanently to Dubai with Kudzai Mushonga, who will soon be returning to South Africa for work.

They moved to a new city a few years ago to start a fresh life. Khanyi tells ZiMoja that she travelled to Dubai to “find herself” and rebrand.

Speaking about living in Dubai, Khanyi said, “I have been living in the Middle East full-time. I am a resident. I am there trying to figure out what I am doing and what my contribution in this entertainment industry space is and what my purpose now is.”

Khanyi Mbau Celebrates 20 Years In Entertainment.

Khanyi Mbau also horned that she’s been in the entertainment industry for 20 years, “I have been doing this for 20 years. I am literally in Dubai trying to figure it out. I have done marriage, children, acting, music, skin bleaching, [and] being a sugar baby.

“I have done it all. So, what I am doing now? I thought the best way to figure this out is to move away so I can look back in.

Khanyi Mbau Celebrates 20 Years In Entertainment.

“Gen-Z (A term used for people born mid-to-late 1990s) is amazing. Our time has come. I know I am still relevant, but the industry has changed. It’s no longer about going to events to be seen.

“There is now social media and people going viral every day. I am living in Dubai, taking some type of hiatus to find myself and my position. I am doing this though in an ultra-futuristic city where the world is leading.”

Khanyi Mbau Celebrates 20 Years In Entertainment.

Speaking about things she’s done in the industry for the 20 years period, Khanyi said, “In these 20 years, I learned that I am not new or the freshest thing. The industry gives you your turn.

“You’re not special, or different, it’s just your turn to drive the culture. I learned that South African culture is the bravest in the world and this is why we make waves on social media. Our TV shows and films are insane

Khanyi Mbau

“We are telling our own stories and it has made me braver.”

The “WIFE” actress revealed that she’s now gunning for creating her own telenovela, she said, “I want to own it. I am ready to write, produce and open up the industry and let other children shine.

“I have been cancelled many times. I have had my nudes all over the internet and on people’s phones. I have seen it all. I know what it’s like to be thrust into this fame with bosses not understanding but I want now to go into proper production.”

The mother of one trashed rumour that suggests she’s now broke like most of her colleagues in the entertainment industry, saying, “I still do come home often for work. Now for an example, I am here for the Black Conversations launch where I am part of a panel of people discussing issues affecting black people.

“Acting on “The Wife” has also kept me alive. I do social media marketing, [and] influence campaigns. I conceptualise for agencies and I have a lot of work. God has been good to me in the 20 years and I am grateful.

“I have also dated people with money in the past, and I do have something stashed that can save me on a rainy day.”

Khanyi also discussed her only child and her relationship with her father, highlighting the fact that her daughter, who is 16 years old, has never met him.

“I don’t know where Mandla is. My daughter does not know her father. She has not seen him ever since she was a baby. She has no recollection of him. All she has is old pictures from when we were young.

“I genuinely don’t know where Mandla is. I feel like he was a dream. Did he even happen? No calls, no texts, nothing. My daughter who is my partner in this life thing is 16 years old now.”

Khanyi Mbau recently shared her opinions on ubusangoma and bravely said that sometimes people are anxious and sad even when they do not have a vocation. She was heavily criticized.

“You have to take it with a pinch of salt. I am used to being called names and shamed. Even on the show I am working on, I am ashamed. My life has always been some kind of make-believe.

“I run to my inner child is when I cannot handle anything. When bad things happen, I go there. I realise that as people we get our strength sometimes from pulling the next person down to make us feel strong.

“It made me realise how broken we are. I cried because these are my peers, the same people who have been making my experience in showbiz hard. It’s people who find my dark painful part to try to bring me down.”

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