Khanyi Mbau shows off new hands

Khanyi Mbau shows off new hands

Khanyi Mbau shows off new hands.

Khanyi Mbau, a reality television star and actress from South Africa, proudly displays her newly whitened hand.

The actress claimed that what she had been struggling for a very long time was finally resolved in less than a week.

She uploaded a photo showing the before-bleach hand and the after-bleach hand.

Khanyi’s confidence in bleaching her skin and her lack of concern for trolls and critics are well known.

She has even gone so far as to assist those who desire full body bleaching.

Regarding the process, she wrote,

“I met with her last week Sunday and today my hands are fixed!! Haven’t seen my hands look like this in a year !!! Only 6 days!! NO FILTER!! NO EDITS!!! MY HANDS ARE BACK!!! Still a little swollen from the peel, that should subside in a week or two …”

Khanyi Mbau bleached hands
Khanyi Mbau bleached hands. Photo/Instagram

However, not everyone applauded her transparency, as some claimed the hands are not hers’.

Khanyi Mbau before and after bleaching her skin

Why Did Khanyi Mbau Bleach her skin

Rumor has it that the South African woman began bleaching her skin following a painful breakup that made her feel self-conscious about her dark skin because her ex-boyfriend deserted her for a light-skinned black woman.

Khanyi Mbau has always been open about bleaching her skin. She asserts that all she wants is a fairer complexion. She recently admitted that she was sick of using commercial skin creams and that she would begin producing her own line of skin-lightening goods as a result.

According to Khanyi, her skin lightening process is weekly and takes about 20 minutes. “The admin is real,” Khanyi said of skin lightening. “It’s like bleaching your hair, where when the roots become black you have to bleach the hair again,” she shares.

Khanyi’s thoughts on those accusing her of not loving the skin she’s in? “I am not shy of being Black, I am very Black but I am the free Black. The liberated and free Black. The one who, if I want to do something, I do it regardless of what people say,” Khanyi said via her video interview.

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