Kim Jong-un orders North Korean general to be executed for criticizing an order

Kim Jong-un orders North Korean general to be executed for criticizing an order


The senior military official called the decision to publicly distribute the rice stored in military compounds as “unrealistic”. On July 18 he was shot by order of the dictator.

The official who dared to cross Kim Jong-un was court-martialed and shot on July 18. (Twitter)

A high-ranking North Korean official was executed for questioning dictator Kim Jong-un’s recent “special order” to provide food to the population. On this occasion, it was the general in charge of the logistics headquarters of training camp 815, who stated that this new measure “ignores reality.”

The criticism from the official came after Kim Jong-un ordered the distribution of reserved rice in military warehouses to combat the famine that afflicts the country. Faced with this, the commander protested that “the granaries face more serious problems than the problem [of scarcity] of food that the people have.” These statements cost him his life.

As reported by Daily NK , the official was court-martialed and shot on 18 July. In turn, the media reported that said execution was intended to send the signal that “those who openly defy the party’s policy will not receive forgiveness, regardless of who they are.”

His death was announced after the North Korean authorities sent a notification to the military high command reporting recent “severe sentences.” The statement stated that the officer complained “indiscreetly” and that he became a “sectarian” member of the Army.

North Korea is going through one of its worst crises, registering its biggest economic decline since the famine in the 1990s in 2020. COVID-19, natural disasters and international sanctions on the regime complicate the scenario for Kim Jong-un.