Kudzai Mushonga And Khanyi Mbau Rekindle Their Romance

Kudzai Mushonga And Khanyi Mbau Rekindle Their Romance

Kudzai Mushonga And Khanyi Mbau Rekindle Their Romance. So, there were rumors circulating a few weeks ago that Kudzai Mushonga had ended his miserable relationship with Khanyi Mbau.

But just recently, it appears that the couple is back together, and they made sure to announce it on social media.

Khanyi couldn’t contain her enthusiasm as she proudly displayed the costly gifts and gestures of affection from her lover on Instagram.

From a lovely rose bouquet to sparkling champagne, it was an extravagant display, and Kudzai, a business mogul from Zimbabwe, made sure his baby Khanyi was treated like a princess.

He also made it clear to the public that their love is unbreakable, stating, “We might bend, but won’t break.”

The connection with Khanyi, according to Kudzai Mushonga, left him feeling abandoned, ignored, and depressed.

“I started feeling unloved, unworthy and not cared for, for a very long time. The only thing I had was Dubai views. I was very depressed, I was dying inside.

It was a slow, painful death and I wanted it to end faster. I was falling apart. I was isolated from everyone. I gave up everyone including my close friends and family, all for love.

I gave it my all, but I was sinking into depression.”

After Kudzai stated that, don’t you think it’s kind of shocking that the two have revived their almost-dead romance?

He added that he had moved on and was now concentrating on himself, which is the definition of denial.

What do we actually know? Khanyi and her wealthy lover are making sure that everyone is aware of their lavish relationship.

Along with being very much in love, they also lead lavish lives.


We are undoubtedly happy that this couple is determined to display their lavish lifestyle and unbreakable, though confusing bond for all to see.

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