Lady Du calls out her fraudulent manager

Lady Du calls out her fraudulent manager

Lady Du calls out her fraudulent manager

Taking to social media, the Amapiano vocalist Lady Du cried out as her manager is fraudulent.

The manager gives people false details and goes on to collect money from Du’s promoters.

“My manager is telling people I’m unavailable for bookings. He says he doesn’t work on weekends and doesn’t pay me on time. Mind you I don’t work for him he gets paid off my bookings!!! Has started taking cash from promoters I’m in hell guys I’ve been crying everyday nje,” she tweeted.

“Guys I’m going through it I tell you, I curse the day I signed my management contract,” she captioned post on Instagram.

Tweeps have joined in to help give her some advice regarding her situation, here are some of the comments;

“As a manager myself I feel He shouldn’t be paying you. Payments are supposed to go directly into your account then you pay him. Change the formula regarding that. Then release him for swindling promoters. Get yourself a new one.

Hope all goes well.”

“The contract. These bastards include the termination clause. They know you’ll need to leave their ass open one day. So they put a termination fee. They don’t mind putting 6 figures in bold. Knowing very well you may not have it in time period stipulated.”

Let the industry know that you’re no longer with him, I’m sure someone more competent will jump at the opportunity to work with you, also Duduzile the manager works for you, payments must come directly to you and then you redistribute them accordingly, not the other way around.

“Agreed. Appoint a new manager, publicise his contact details and tell people not to contact this troublesome one anymore. If he accepts money for bookings you don’t know about he can be charged for fraud. Make sure he is aware of that”

“Do not join anyone. All these so called managers or promoters are crooks. They will do to you what they did to Emtee. Sorry but be on your own girl.”

“People like him think they are smart, lay a trap for him.. Don’t worry about contract termination fee, in court everything can be turned around as long you present a good argument. Change the account number, your booking contact, and lastly announce that you no longer with him.”