Lady Du’s brother has passed away

Lady Du's brother has passed away

Lady Du’s brother has passed away. She is in shock fter learning of her brother’s passing. Dudu “Lady Du” Ngwenya struggles to express the anguish she is going through. She recently opened up to her fans about her heartbreak.

“Lord, you know what death does to me, you know how sensitive I am,” she says. “To take my brother away from me before I could even do what I wanted for him is so unfair.”

The mom of one says she is unsure how she will recover from this one. “I tried pulling myself together today but it hit me that I’ll never see my brother again. RIP bro I love you so much. Greet my grandma when you get to heaven, till we meet again. Ung’limazile bro (I am hurt, brother).”

In an interview with afromambo, Lady Du states that she is not yet prepared to discuss her brother’s passing and divulge the specifics of his demise.

“I am struggling to come to terms with what has happened. I am speechless and in disbelief. I need time to think and speak to God.” The two were close and shared a lot in common. “My brother was everything. Family means a lot to me, and I put them ahead of everything. But with God, we will move from this, and I’ll be able to share my grief.”

In the past, Lady Du has spoken candidly about her struggle with mental illness and her big break in the music business.

“In 2020 I was about to give up on life, even attempted to take my life due to feeling like I had lost myself,” she shared. “I had nothing, lost all my friends, money, and cars. I had absolutely nothing at all! I then went to the studio; I had tried every single genre for 15 years. Boity hired me as her songwriter and vocal coach, after that episode things started changing, I had hope.” She says that is where people started to see her vocal abilities and she then worked with Amapiano DJ, MrJazziQ, who helped her deal with the stress in her life. “We recorded Superstar. It worked, then when we recorded Msebenzi Wethu but I was still unhappy and depressed,” she said.

“I chose not to sing that song but literally cry my heart out, asking God when he will pull through for me. Nobody really knew how deep it was. I carried on, so Dakiwe is not a song about being drunk it’s actually a song about depression, being so high on suicidal thoughts that you want your parents to come to see you and rescue you.”

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