Lerato Sengadi celebrates HHP 4 years after his death

Lerato Sengadi celebrates HHP 4 years after his death

Lerato Sengadi celebrates HHP 4 years after his death.

Lerato Sengadi has taken to social media to honor and remember her late husband, Jabulani Tsambo, better known by his stage as HHP.

Four years have passed since HHP was laid to rest in his hometown of Mahikeng.

Every year on the day of her husband’s passing, his widowed wife Lerato decides to honor his life.

HHP passed away in October 2018.

Lerato praised the supporters of Jabba’s legacy on Instagram on the day that commemorated four years since the hip-hop pioneer’s passing.

“Angel Of Mine. Time flies yet it also feels like it’s standing still. Every year when this day comes I choose to celebrate ur life & what you are to so many of us. Thank You to every single person who loves & still supports Jabba. His legacy is in OUR hands. 🤍 Motho wa Motho… you already know what it is! Ka pelo le moya! ❤️🕊🕯♾”

HHP death

Sengadi opened up to Eusebius McKaiser on 702 about coping with the passing of HHP and defending her rights.

“My husband was sick – he had a mental illness and he died as a result of the mental illness. The way in which it took him was through suicide,” she said.

Did HHP commit suicide?

“In everything that has been said about me – this is my first time ever talking about any of this stuff – no one has been honest enough to say that he committed suicide, [they keep saying] ‘It’s alleged’. It’s not alleged – that is what happened as a result of mental illness.

“We should be able to have that conversation honestly, because these are things that happen all the time. We can’t be scared to say this person had depression.”

The publicist claimed that counseling had saved her life and said that HHP’s refusal to get treatment for his mental illness was the reason she had left their marital home.



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