MacG on AKA & DJ Zinhle [watch]

MacG on AKA & DJ Zinhle [watch]

MacG on AKA & DJ Zinhle [watch]
MacG on AKA & DJ Zinhle [watch]
Controversial podcast host MacG recalled a time he was interviewing DJ Zinhle and she was in the middle of a fight with her ex-boyfriend, rapper AKA as he defended himself for the Ari Lennox saga on Monday 24 January.


MacG topped the Twitter trends list last week when he asked American singer Ari Lennox an intimate question.

“Is somebody f****** you good right now?,” he asked.

Ari then slammed MacG on Twitter but she thereafter deleted the tweets.

“Self hating misogynist weirdos. Yeah I’m good right here,” she tweeted.

“Tired of being f****** sweet. F*** everybody,” she continued.

MacG defended himself saying he was only asking Ari the question because of a lyric from her song.

“Here is an artist who glorifies her sexuality so for me that was my entry. It’s not like I asked Oprah; ‘Who you f**king right now?’” he said.


MacG brought up a fight between DJ Zinhle and AKA in light of the drama with Ari. He explained that he respects people’s privacy. So, to prove that he spoke about a time he was interviewing DJ Zinhle and she got into a fight with her ex-boyfriend and father of her child AKA.

MacG said that the fight took place while the cameras were rolling. So, everything was caught on camera but he choose to delete the footage to respect their privacy.

“People don’t know what happened at that interview. While we were recording, AKA called her and he was at the gate. Yho! Bro this guy was going on, he was like sh**ing on her and it was in the episode and it was in the episode. So I took that part out, out of respect,” said MacG.

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