Makhadzi is accused of stealing Scrafoc’s song.

Makhadzi has been charged with stealing a song by Scrafoc. It has been claimed that the South African singer stole the lyrics from Scrafoc, a musician from Malawi.

Makhadzi announced in the song “MaGear” that she will be releasing the same track on June 24, 2022.

“Makhadzi is accused of stealing MaGear from Scrafoc who is artist based in Malawi. Makhadzi has announced that her new single MaGear is set to be released on the 24th June 2022.”


Makhadzi, however, has not yet responded to the accusation and has instead urged her followers to get ready for her upcoming single.

Here is what mzansi think;

“Uyanya lo Scruff what what…we have been saying that way before he even heard that term. So it means naye he stole it from “Busta 929 – paradise” …heh bare shin’tsha magear”…an that was dance we used to do an they even stole it on the video.”

“If you remember Brown dash and Mzekezeke’s akekh’ugogo you’ll probably know that “shintsh’ama gear” part was there. Bona they stole it from us if Makhadzi stole it she was only taking back what’s belongs home.”

“Chancha magear is an old South African chant, there was even a dance. If there’s anyone that stole anything here it’s those ones from Bhushiri land”

“If anything the Malawians stole from us starting from the beat, the actual ‘ma gear’ wording as well as bits and pieces of the choreography”

“But we had a song la eMzansi ye Kwaito ethi shintsha amagiya and the dance that they are doing on the video is from that Kwaito song!!”