MaMkhize Roasted For Spending R7 Million For a Bath

MaMkhize Roasted For Spending R7 Million For a Bath

MaMkhize Roasted For Spending R7 Million For a Bath

MaMkhize is really living her life to the fullest. Mzansi is still left off gut to hear that Mamkhize spend so much money just for Bathing. One of social media user took it to social media where it was shown that MaMkhize was spotted inside a bath which cost millions.

With caption: “Some will Not Believe Me: In this Pic Shawn Mkhize spenT R7 million just for Bathing.

Cost of her bath: Flowers and sliced fruits from Norway R2.3 million. The Liquid that she’s bathing with is called Batheiequiredreafiul LiguiGiatedified Liquid (Only found in Canada) very expensive R4.1 million.


MaMkhize Roasted For Spending R7 Million For a Bath

R600 000 was paid to photographer. Remember when I told You that She can Buy Limpopo province and Name it Mkhize province.”


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I’m not sure if the figure is correct or not but the amount which is here is too much. I know Sue is one of richest businesswoman in Durban who is driven crime by money but to through money like this is really a show off. We have seen many rich people who multimillionaire buy they never play with money.

MaMkhize’s son buys girlfriend brand new car on her birthday

I’m not blaming her for using her money but as you can see on this picture that she is Bathing with milk it’s not the water that you and me use to bath.

We have other businessman like Motsepe but you will never see him doing this but he is busy donating. As MaMkhize she is busy spending money that she does not need. She’s not even helping building Zulus the Malls because they have nowhere to go shopping but hai MaMkhize though.

What do you think of MaMkhize Showing Off money as if there is no tomorrow?. What does she use this money for something. There are many charities that she can use her money and donate to the poor.


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