MaMkhize’s still very much a married woman!

MaMkhize's still very much a married woman!

MaMkhize’s still very much a married woman! Shauwn Mkhize, a business mogul and media celebrity, recently released her autobiography, My World, My Rules, at a sumptuous gala event held at the Circa Art Gallery in Rosebank, Johannesburg.

In a media statement she released before the book launch, Shauwn said: “It’s my way of saying my piece, letting things go, healing my wounds and saying my final words to my parents and my brother who are physically no longer with me.” She also mentioned that the book, “marks a new dawn and beginning for me.”

MaMkhize's still very much a married woman

MaMkhize’s still very much a married woman

Even though Shauwn returned to using her maiden name after divorcing Sbu Mpisane, it appears that her past is still following her around. Since then, Zimoja has been confidentially informed by a source close to the split pair that the once-powerful couple hasn’t actually divorced.It is alleged that the pair is still living as one marital unit and it is unclear when they will file for divorce. Shauwn dislikes announcing in public that she is still legally married to Sbu, the source claims.

MaMkhize's still very much a married woman

Shauwn Mkhize still married to Sbu

It said that the couple’s need to divide millions of Rand in cash, mobile property, and immovable assets is the reason for the delay.According to the source, because Shauwn and Sbu are still legally married, any money Shauwn makes from the sale of her debut book must be split with Sbu.

“Shauwn can appear with all the celebs at parties and say what she wants, she is still Mrs Mpisane. Ask her to show you her divorce decree and where she got it, then I will buy you the most expensive car you can find in the world,” adds the source.

According to the source, Sbu is still angry with Shauwn for allegedly failing to check on him when he was dangerously close to dying on January 7, 2018, at their marital home in La Lucia due to an izinkabi attack.

“Shauwn instead went to attend an all-white party in Umlazi township, at Max’s Lifestyle, with her celebrity friends. She didn’t bother to check what happened when eight izinkabi tried to assassinate Sbu,” says the source, adding that, ” Luckily Sbu hit one suspect, who is still behind bars, while the others ran away.” ZiMoja called Sbu for comment and he said, ” I don’t discuss my personal business with the media.” MaMkhize referred ZiMoja to her lawyer, known as Mr Godi, who said they wouldn’t comment as the matter is before court.

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