Mampintsha Clears The Air Amid His Mother’s Feud

Following Mampintsha, Babes Wodumo, and Mampintsha’s mother Zama Gumede’s latest feud. The trio appears to be heading in a new direction that will benefit the entire family and all individuals concerned.

The turmoil between Babes Wodumo, her husband and baby daddy Mampintsha, and her mother Zama Gumede, a musician and reality TV personality, appears to have reached a new peak recently. This comes after Mampintsha’s mother, her daughter, and Mampintsha’s sister gave a newspaper interview in which they slammed both Mampintsha and Babes Wodumo.

Mampintsha’s mother and sister spoke about the ongoing issue of remuneration for their participation on Mampintsha and Babes Wodumo’s reality show Uthando Lodumo during their interview. Mampintsha’s mother and sister have also complained about not being paid in the past, even for appearances on season 1 of the show.

The show is currently filming its second season, and Mampintsha’s mother and sister have once again shot for the show, although they have yet to be compensated for their participation.

Both Mampintsha and his mother went head-to-head in an interview with Ukhozi FM’s Sipho ‘Sgqemeza’ Mbatha and Mromza Buthelezi on the breakfast show, trying to iron out their differences. While Mampintsha’s mother was outspoken about some of her issues, she said that the greatest elephant in the room is not being paid for their appearances on Uthando Lodumo.

Meanwhile, Mampintsha insisted that their show’s producer, as well as the firm that shot the show, do not pay on a monthly basis. Mampintsha can be heard claiming that the payments are not made on a monthly basis at every turn. Mampintsha’s mother, Zama Gumede, was adamant that neither she nor Mampintsha’s sister were ever compensated for their participation on Uthando Lodumo season 1.

Mampintsha’s mother, was asked if she was willing to reconcile with her son and makoti. Zama Gumede was insistent that the only thing she wants more than anything is to be treated with respect as an adult and to be financially taken care of. She went on to say that Mampintsha is her main source of support, and that she has been living off her grant at home since he shut off the income flow.

On a lighter side, Mampintsha has pledged to celebrate his mother’s birthday, which falls on the 26th of June. Mromza Buthelezi and Sipho ‘Sgqemeza’ Mbatha have begun collecting from all the good Samaritans who have promised to help Mampintsha’s mother celebrate her birthday.

Mampintsha and Babes Wodumo’s child, Sponge, celebrates his birthday on June 27th. Mampintsha’s mother begged to be invited to the complete family’s celebration of her grandson’s birthday. And it appears that she will be present, as she and Mampintsha have resolved to improve on their relationship for the benefit of the entire family, particularly Sponge.