Mampintsha’s family breathe fire on Babes Wodumo: ‘We reject her’

Mampintsha’s family breathe fire on Babes Wodumo: ‘We reject her’

Mampintsha’s family breathe fire on Babes Wodumo: ‘We reject her’
Mampintsha’s family breathe fire on Babes Wodumo: ‘We reject her’

Babes Wodumo’s tumultuous personal life has resurfaced, and this time it’s her in-laws who are dragging her through the mud.

Mampintsha Shimora, a music producer, is married to the singer and dancer. They have a baby son together, whom they have dubbed “Sponge Wodumo.”

However, the outspoken entertainer’s domestic situation isn’t looking so hot.

Babes wodumo

Days after admitting her rant against her mother-in-law was a PR stunt, Mampintsha’s family have come out to distance themselves from her altogether.

‘We can’t accept her’

In an interview with Daily Sun, Mampintsha’s sister Pinki Gumede claimed that their family had distanced themselves from Babes Wodumo.

She said: “As Mampintsha’s family we are rejecting Babes Wodumo. She is not our makoti, but Mampintsha’s girlfriend. We want people to know she is not his legal wife”.

Pinki Gumede

Pinki added that Babes had rejected their request to perform traditional marital ceremonies.

She continued: “This is because she failed to observe our tradition, which requires to bring umembeso (exchanging of gifts between the bride and groom’s families) to Mampintsha’s family. We couldn’t accept her in our family because of this failure

“Whenever we raise the issue with her, she tells us her religion doesn’t allow her to perform or observe Zulu tradition. This confused us because she knows Mampintsha is a Zulu man who observes traditions. She has repeatedly proven that she does not want to be part of this family. For this reason, we’ll never put inyongo (cow gall) on her and we are rejecting her”

And Mampintsha’s mother Zama Gumede – who was a subject of an angry rant by her daughter-in-law earlier this month, reiterated: “I want nothing to do with Babes Wodumo”.


It’s not just Mampintsha’s family who is rejecting Babes Wodumo, her manager has dumped her as well!

Keke Mokoena told Daily Sun: “I guess my managing style is not compatible with her as an artist”.

According to the publication, an insider revealed that Babes Wodumo is unprofessional when it comes to her music career.

The source said: “Keke had secured several deals for her but she was nowhere to be found. This left Keke with no choice but to dump Babes Wodumo.

“Her manager only found out via social media that she had a new release. This did not sit well with Keke. Her manager was also not happy with her recent PR stunt. She felt it was degrading to Mpintsho’s mother and damaging to Babes’ brand. She felt her reputation as a manager was also compromised.”

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