Mapaseka And DJ Fresh Reportedly Fuel Dating Rumours

Mapaseka And DJ Fresh Reportedly Fuel Dating Rumours

Mapaseka And DJ Fresh Reportedly Fuel Dating Rumours. Dj Fresh is rumored to be dating Scandal! actress Mapaseka Koetle. According to Sunday World, they saw the alleged pair acting very cozy at the Honeymoon movie premiere.

Mapaseka And DJ Fresh Reportedly Fuel Dating Rumours

Both celebrities were previously married, but their marriages ended in divorce. According to the newspaper, they saw the rumored couple at the Emperors Place Hotel Casino Convention and Entertainment Resort in Kempton Park, Johannesburg, where the local movie Honeymoon had its premiere.

The actress Mapaseka reportedly moved out of her West Rand home and filed for divorce from her husband Nelson Nyokong, according to ZiMoja. According to a source who spoke to the media, “They attempted to make it work, but the marriage failed. He adored her, and Nelson is a nice guy. She once adored him as well, but their relationship ended years ago. For the sake of the baby, they had resolved to give it a try.

Before choosing to end their marriage last year, DJ Fresh was wed to Thabiso Sikwane for more than 20 years. They filed for divorce two years previous to making their formal announcement via a video shared on social media.

“Those who know me, know that I am not a social media person but it’s just special circumstances concerned about the buzz surrounding us that it important tat we state the facts,” said Thabiso. “Yes, it’s a fact, we are headed for a divorce process and we have been for the past two years,” she added.

Fresh added, “There will never be drama between us because we will forever love each other and we’ve got three beautiful kids to raise and that is our focus,” he said.

This was during the rape allegations made against him which he refuted in a statement to IOL, “I am aware that assertions have been made about me on social media and I understand that this is often the price of being in the public eye. The fact that these claims are untrue and from an unknown source, does not make them less hurtful,” Fresh told IOL.

“I am deeply concerned that spurious allegations about Gender-Based Violence , especially as it is one of the most significant societal challenges in South Africa, undermine the gravity of legitimate incidents, and impact the urgency with which they are attended. Each time someone succumbs to the temptation of using GBV to further personal agendas, the cause to eradicate this scourge takes a step backwards.“

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