Mapula from Rhythm City Biography, Age, TV Shows, Depression, Modelling, Net Worth, Rhythm City

Mapula from Rhythm City Biography, Age, TV Shows, Depression, Modelling, Net Worth, Rhythm City

Mapula Mafole is a South African model and actress who most recently appeared on Rhythm City as Mapula before the show ended. It’s all down to her tenacity and determination that she continues to smash barriers. She is live proof that explosives may be packaged in tiny packages. We can’t help but wonder what motivates her as she juggles two occupations. Mapula Mafole Biography has more information (Age, TV Shows, Depression, Modelling, Net Worth, Rhythm City).

What does Mapula Mafole do?

Despite her baby face and petite stature that has many classify her among teenagers, she continues serving inspiration through acting and modelling. How does this all start?

The beginning

Since 2012, she has been portraying adolescent roles, and her characters frequently express topics that concern young people in African nations. Her difficult route to stardom is an inspiration, and she continues to thrive, using the stumbling blocks as stepping stones.

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After enrolling at AFDA for an acting course, her father comes back home from the UK after years of searching for greener pastures. Life takes a turn for the worst as Mapula’s father suffers a stroke, pushing the actress into a dark place.

Mapula Mafole’s struggle with depression

When both of her parents traveled to the United Kingdom in search of better jobs, the actress was left in the care of her siblings. She struggles to fit in due to her frequent school moves.

Piling up all that loneliness and anguish, she eventually falls into depression and battles anxiety. At only 13 years of age, she seeks the help of a school psychologist. It was until she was about to graduate that she regains her confidence and decides to pursue acting.

Which TV Shows has Mapula Mafole featured in?

Generations The Legacy:Here she lands a cameo role.

Intersexions: She appears in this television show in 2012.

Rhythm City: Joining the show in 2015 as a 17-year-old orphaned teenager who takes care of her siblings, she continues to ace her role 5 years later.

Soul City: Mapula plays Z’bondiwe (2015).


The actress is a nominee for the award of Best Supporting Actress in a TV Soap/Telenovela in the South African Film and Television Awards (2018) for her role in Rhythm City. “I have prayed for this for the longest time. It just came at the most unexpected time, “she says.

Net worth

Despite being an underdog in terms of dexterity, her perseverance is beginning to pay off. Her bank account has a decent quantity of zeros thanks to her acting and modeling employment. Mapula is still on the rise, with a market capitalization of $80 000. This is only the start.

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