Mariah Carey swipes at ‘greedy’ family members who treated her like ‘ATM machine in wig’

Mariah Carey swipes at ‘greedy’ family members who treated her like ‘ATM machine in wig’

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Mariah Carey swipes at ‘greedy’ family members who treated her like ‘ATM machine in wig’-Mariah Carey [Photo: Courtesy]
Mariah Carey has taken a swipe at ‘greedy’ family members and friends who she says treated her like an ‘ATM machine in a wig.’ The Heartbreaker singer complained that one of the downsides to amassing an estimated fortune of $400million fortune is that loved ones have tried to rinse money out of her over the years.

In a candid interview with Oprah Winfrey, Mariah, 50, revealed she’d even suffered a breakdown as the people around her pressured her to work harder so she’d bring in more cash. Opening up about her troubles, Mariah said the weight of responsibility resulted in her checking into a treatment centre after suffering a mental burnout.

“When there are people connected to you as a person that achieves a certain level of ­success, you are a target – you’re vulnerable,” she said. “But I wouldn’t have gone here if things hadn’t been done to me, if I hadn’t been dragged by ­certain people and treated as an ATM machine with a wig on.


“It’s like, ‘Let me get some money, and let me get some money no ­matter what,'” she explained. Mariah opens up more about her turbulent relationship with fame and her family members in autobiography, The Meaning of Mariah Carey, which is out later this month.

The Grammy award winner speaks for the first time about her fractious relationship with her family, including sister Alison who she hasn’t spoken to since 1991. She says she felt had her family had the mentality of, “What can we get from her?” towards her rather than of love.

Elsewhere in the new book, Mariah admits she felt ‘neglected’ by her mum Patricia, who she calls ‘Beauty and the Beast’ rolled into one person. Mariah said she always felt ‘dirty’ as a child and claims her mum was ‘not safe for me – emotionally.’

She also claims her first husband Tommy Mottola treated her like a ‘prisoner’ during their troubled romance. The pair split in 1998 after five years of marriage. Mariah went on to marry TV star Nick Cannon in 2008, with whom she shares twins Moroccan and Monroe, before they divorced in 2016.


“I actually didn’t believe I was entitled to success and happiness because I assumed nothing is ever perfect for anyone. It’s a ­constant ­struggle. “Yes, I am at a place where I believe I am ­worthy of success and happiness and it’s a healthier place” Mariah told Oprah.


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