Meet 53 year old Rolanda Rochelle whose photos are going viral

When you see the photos of  53 year old Rolanda Rochelle ,then you will bear witness to the fact that “black don’t crack!” yeah i said it !


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Who is Rolanda Rochelle?

Rolanda is a realtor, brand influencer, lifestyle and travel blogger, and a pro-aging advocate based in the United States of America.

A 52-year-old African American woman, Rolanda Rochelle, is taking the social media by storm after her youthful photos went viral on the internet.

The woman recently caught the attention of Instagram users after one of her tiktok videos went viral on the App.

In the video, Rolanda Rochelle could be heard teasing herself and having fun discussing with an imaginary husband.

Many of her fans questioned her on the reason why she is still single despite looking stunning that any man would be willing to give up his life for her.

Rachelle usually posts photos from Atlanta, with hashtags #thisis52, #womenover50Rock. This confirms that she is really above 50 years old.

Rolanda is a brand influencer, realtor, lifestyle and travel blogger and a pro-ageing advocate based in the United States of America.

Rolonda Rochelle Biography: Net Worth, Husband, Age

Rolonda Rochelle was born on 5 September 1967, which meant she was 53 years of age by the time this article was written (February 2021).

Furthermore, with her birthday on the 5th of September, Rolonda’s zodiac sign was Virgo.

Rolonda Rochelle Biography — Family, Hometown, Real Name

Rolonda’s real name was Rolonda Wright.

Not much was known about her family. There was a photo in Rolonda’s IG, where she wished her father on father’s day. There was an accompanying picture too, and her father looked like Richard Roundtree. However, there was no mention of his name.


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Some sources have stated that Rolonda currently lives in Decatur, Georgia. However, her hometown was most probably Atlanta, Georgia.

Height, Diet, Distinct Features

Rolonda Rochelle’s height is about 5 ft 8 inches. Her distinct features include her brown eyes, grey hair, and of course the wide grin.

Even though Rolonda was over 50 years of age, she was still healthy and active. The reason behind such fitness is her healthy diet, which includes fresh vegetables and fruits and a lot of nuts. She does enjoy a good drink though.

As of Feb 2021, Rolonda had a massive social media reach. She was present across all major social media platforms. On Instagram, she had 277k followers. Similarly, on her Facebook page, she had 13k likes and 14k follows.

Rolonda was most famous for appearing on the comedy skits of Kountry Wayne. However, she also had a career of her own going on. Rolonda was a realtor in Atlanta, Georgia. She was a luxury real estate agent.

Her Facebook page had her professional info as an actress, pro-aging advocate, and brand ambassador. Her acting credits were mostly limited to Kountry Wayne’s Instagram videos. She did not have movie credits yet. And we do not know what was she a brand-ambassador of.

She was indeed a pro-aging advocate. And Rolonda openly accepts her old age and being a huge social media personality, she inspires other people to embrace their age and not be embarrassed by it.

Also, she was a CASA volunteer. CASA volunteers are legal volunteers who are trained so that they shall fight the legal battles from the side of abused, neglected, and abandoned children.

According to our sources, the average base salary of a realtor in Atlanta, Georgia was over $76 thousand per year. Rolonda’s salary must be around that mark, give or take. Furthermore, her net worth, as of February 2021, was $800 thousand.

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