Meet Busta 929’s 17 year-old girlfriend Kegomoditswe.

Meet Busta 929's 17 year-old girlfriend Kegomoditswe.

Meet Busta 929’s 17 year-old girlfriend Kegomoditswe. Busta 929, a well-known Amapiano DJ, is once again under fire for allegedly having a relationship with a young girl. The allegations were made public by MusaThePope, a recent Twitter account. Musa claims that Busta has been dating the young woman since November of last year.

Such accusations have been made against Busta 929 previously. He got caught up in a scandal involving some underage girls a few years back. In front of Busta and his friends, the females filmed recordings of themselves smoking and drinking, which greatly enraged everyone. In response to the event, Busta later released a statement.

Despite rumors that the girls stayed at his house for more than five days, Busta 929 reportedly denied these accusations, according to The Citizen. But it appears that the DJ has responded in some way to Musa’s most recent allegations. Busta 929 made the announcement that he had bought a new mansion on social media rather than directly responding to the accusations. Notably, the estate has a personal recording studio.

Busta 929 already made headlines for building a new home for his family, and now comes this story. Videos of the house’s building and advancement have been posted online by the DJ. Fans and detractors alike are now awaiting Busta 929’s response to address the fresh claims and put their minds at ease.

In conclusion, the allegations against Amapiano DJ Busta 929 regarding his supposed involement with a young girl have sparked debate once more. Although the DJ has refuted earlier accusations, MusaThePope’s most recent assertions have reignited speculation. Fans and the general public are eagerly awaiting Busta’s response to reveal the truth as the story develops.

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