Meet Gigi Lamayne girlfriend- VIDEO

Meet Gigi Lamayne girlfriend
Meet Gigi Lamayne girlfriend. Looks like Gigi has decided to becomes a lesbian. Photo/Instagram

Meet Gigi Lamayne girlfriend.

South African rapper Gigi Lamayne has come out as a lesbian revealing her girlfriend through a video she posted online.

The rapper confirms being a lesbian, as she captioned her tweet with the LGBTQ flag.

“Y’all about to meet my girlfriend,” she wrote.

Gigi shared a video on Twitter having a good time in a nightclub. This has come as a surprise as she was into men before, maybe her ex-boyfriend cheating on her made her change her mind about her s£xuality.


‘I bought him a Lacoste tracksuit and Diesel watch and booked him a dinner with his mom for his bday and when they caught him cheating, they took pics of him in that tracksuit and watch having dinner with my roommate,” she tweeted months ago

Gigi Lamayne boyfriend

The rapper and songwriter responded to a series of tweets about the incident while detailing the assault she suffered at the hands of her ex-boyfriend. Her romance with the late rapper DJ Citi Lyts ended afterwards. He was ProKid’s younger brother, a rapper from South Africa.

The rapper couple Gigi Lamayne and DJ Citi Lyts made up and ended their conflict a year after their public and bitter breakup.

Earlier this year, Lamayne was trending on Twitter following harsh remarks made about her by reality TV star and erstwhile friend Inno Morolong, who claimed the rapper is chasing her boyfriend.

Lamayne has recently become quite outspoken about the hate directed towards other women that is so common on social media. She has also suffered from this.

‘I think it’s really sad to watch, because at this time, more than ever, we need to stick together. Gender-based violence (GBV) [is] happening, so many things we’re reading about, women getting raped in Krugersdorp … surely those should be the conversations we take part in, actively demanding answers, demanding justice, rather than trying to drag another woman down,’  She said

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