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Meet Pearl Thusi’s New Man

Meet pearl Thusi’s New Man

Meet pearl thusi new man

Mama Panther, a soon-to-be mother of three, is apparently getting set to walk down the aisle with her secret lover, businessman Shaun Keith Alfred Bonett, according to Sunday World.

The actress, who has just added to her family, is reported to be in a love and stable relationship with the businessman, and they are planning to start a family together. When she was finalizing her adoption process for a relative’s daughter who is suffering drug addiction, court filings exposed their relationship.

The 5-year-old will be her youngest daughter, as she is the mother of two lovely daughters, one of whom is adopted and the other of whom is her biological child. Pearl’s biological kid, Thandolwethu Mokoena, is 13 years old and was born while she was dating sports personality Walter Mokoena. Okuhle, her Ghanaian adoptive daughter, is six years old.

Her newest addition to the family hails from a poor family in KwaZulu-Natal and it is also reported that her mother is suffering from depression is very irresponsible as she always loses her phones.

She had to expose her relationship status and the identity of her bae in order to persuade the court to give her custody of the child. According to Sunday World, her boyfriend has welcomed the children as their own, particularly the younger one.

Meet pearl thusi new man

“I have been resident at my … since December 2014. I reside with my 13-year-old daughter who has happily welcomed … and sees her as her younger sister. I am in a stable relationship with a loving, caring and honest man, Shaun Keith Alfred Bonett, who owns a global conglomerate of business and philanthropic foundations, and whom I am planning to marry. He too has happily accepted … as his own,” wrote Pearl as stated by the publication.

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Pearl once gushed about her lover in an IG post and she wrote, “There’s nothing quite like finding someone you genuinely love and that person feels just the same about you.” Pearl already lives with the child and she communicates with her mother over the phone.

It seems as though Pearl’s dreams of adopting many kids is finally becoming a reality. Years back she tweeted, “#whenigrowup I wanna adopt lots of babies and pay for people’s school fees!”

Pearl is always bullied on social media and she has decided to not let the hate get to her. In now deleted tweets she wrote:

“With how people always choose to see the worst in me – it’s a miracle I’ve survived all the emotional turbulence I’ve experienced outside of it as well. I’ve deleted the tweet because I’m really in a good place and I don’t mean to upset people …”

“I’ve also experienced loss and pain during this pandemic. Do I share all of it? No. Does it mean I don’t relate? No. I didn’t come here for a fight or to be called names. I won’t be baited anymore. Cancel me. Make me fall. It’s all the same to me. Only God and Myself, my family and friends, and those who support me are responsible for my success and joy. The rest is noise. I pray nothing but abundance and happiness for you all.

…but because focusing on the negative is a priority on this app…For those offended, or think I’m careless… what I mean is, for those who can, I hope they do find peace, enjoy spending time at home, working, spending time with family, meditating, and find the good in what lockdown can also offer.”

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