Meet Rael, the 35-year old woman who is happily married to two men

Rael Mukeku

Stanger than fiction is the tale of one Rael Mukeku, a 35-year-old woman from UKambani village who is happily married to two men, Muema Nguu 50 and Mutuku Muia 45. During an interview with the Nation, Rael confided that her physical needs are what led her to marry another man after her first husband, Nguu fell ill and became weak.

Real and Nguu married in 1992 when she (Rael) was only 10 years old and together they have eight children. When Mutuku came into the picture, the couple already had seven children and he was not comfortable taking care of all the children unless some were his. That is how Rael ended up mothering 11 children.

To date, Rael does not regret marrying the two casual labourers with her only regret being settling for broke men. She is also quick to point out that her two husbands love and care for her citing a recent incident when she was ill. One of her husbands sold all his three goats and a kid to take care of her medical bill while the other provided the day to day needs.

Mr. Nguu, the first husband, said that though it was a difficult decision to make after he fell ill, he finally asked Rael to look for a man and officially introduce him. Despite having agreed to this kind of arrangement, Nguu admits to have had difficulty coming into terms with the situation especially after Rael got pregnant for Mutuku. “I got mad and said that it should never happen again,” he said. But years later and three more pregnancies, he has made peace with that fact.

Rael’s younger husband, Mutuku, is always home every night while Nguu comes home at least twice a month. Whenever the two husbands are home together, they never fight over anything. Mr. Mutuku admitted that they even help each other financially.

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