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Meet the Man who Predicted Shona Ferguson’s death: “Sorry I Didn’t Try Enough”

Meet the Man who Predicted Shona Ferguson’s death: “Sorry I Didn’t Try Enough”

Man Predicted Shona Ferguson’s Life Was in Danger: “Sorry I Didn’t Try Enough”

  • A traditional healer has headed online to share ominous tweets which he claims predicted Shona Ferguson’s passing
  • The man of God expressed regret at what he describes as an inability to do more for the actor and his family
  • Mzansi took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the controversial post

A traditional healer has got Mzansi talking after he claims to have foreseen Shona Ferguson’s passing. In the tweet posted over a month ago, the man addresses the message to Mam Connie and shares that he feels Shona’s “life is in danger”

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Meet the Man who Predicted Shona Ferguson’s death: “Sorry I Didn’t Try Enough””A local man claims to have predicted Shona Ferguson’s passing. Images: @ferguson_films/Instagram, @Rhadebelihle/Twitter
Source: Twitter

Heading online, @Rhadebelihle shared the old tweet along with this caption:

“When I saw this it broke my heart because all I wanted to do was to prevent this on the (19th of May 2021) sorry I didn’t try enough,” he wrote and added many broken heart emoji’s.

Mzansi social media users certainly had mixed reactions to the bold claims. Check out some of the comments below:

@Bongawami2 said:

“Let me help you as a child of God or as a man who believes in God and in only god (Jesus) only, my brother first I say you need Jesus as a lifesaver, Connie and her husband were believers there was no way God would reveal her husband’s death to you.”

@nkaba_senne said:

“The problem here is when we as Africans undermine the gifts given to us by God and our ancestors.”

@mavsipho said:

“Sounds like another level of witchcraft,u did not need her to prevent death if u could, shows the source of this power if there is any. If God reveals a situation to a child /Man of God, that individual has to pray for that person or situation, even if it takes fasting.”

@Lekako3 said:

SA celebs mourn with Connie Ferguson after sad post: “I keep asking God why”

“What matters is that you conveyed the message. I know it’s not easy for people who have gifts like you because sometimes people don’t take you seriously.”

@stokiemogale said:

“You can’t prevent God’s will…As spiritually gifted people we are just a window to access the other life, to heal and advise and that’s it…Death is part of Life…”

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