Meet the World’s youngest dad at just 11 years

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Meet the World’s youngest dad at just 11 years

Meet the World's youngest dad at just 11 years

Meet the World’s youngest dad at just 11 years

We all have different ways through which we have to live our lives. There are certain people in our lives whose presence matters the most.

Apart from getting endless love from mother and having kisses full of love, there is another person whose presence completes our life.

That’s the father of course. His love and compassion paves our ways. He is the number one guide among all of the other people in our lives. He knows where we stand. He is always there to vanish our weaknesses and makes us strong to face the different colors of our lives.

Starting from number Ten we have a 14-year-old dad

Sensation: Baby-faced Alfie Patten shocked the world when he hit the headlines as a dad at 13

For one man there was a striking feeling of deja vu following the revelation that 13-year-old Alfie Patten had become a father.
Sean Stewart was just 11 when he had sex with his 15-year-old next-door neighbour Emma Webster.
Nine months later he was given the day off school to be present when his son Ben Louis was born on January 20, 1998 – just a month after Sean’s 12th birthday.

But now, 11 years after becoming Britain’s youngest father, 23-year-old Sean is only able to follow Alfie Patten’s story from a prison cell.

Meanwhile, his former girlfriend Emma has moved on, having married another man.
The couple live with 11-year-old Ben and their other children in a £200,000 house.


Sean Stewart’s life is a far cry from the promises he made when his son was born.
At the time he lived in Bedford with his single mother Theresa, then aged 38, who had seven children by three different men.

Emma was living next door with her mother Shirley, then 46, and 49-year-old father Ray, who was at the time an unemployed forklift driver.

The story of how Sean would clamber across a roof to meet with Emma made headlines all over the world.

After the birth Sean told the Daily Mail: ‘I hope to stay close friends with Emma for as long as possible.

‘She comes round to my house every morning before school and meets me off the bus every afternoon.

‘Things are OK at the moment and nothing has gone wrong.’

For a time Sean continued to attend Margaret Beaufort middle school in Riseley, but he left Bedford in his early teens.

This boy became a father in its fourteen’s. Being a resident of the UK he got this responsibility of being a father at the very young age of 14.

This story does not end here, he is also the youngest grandfather as his daughter gave birth to a kid. He became a grandfather at the age of 29. Maybe he is about to hear the news of becoming the youngest great grandfather now. Well, who knows!

At number 4, there is an another 13-Year Old Boy from Britain (Alfie Patten)

Meet the World’s youngest dad at just 11 years


The youngest dad (Alfie Patten) became a father at the age of 13. No one ever thought the baby could be about 7 pounds and 4.

At number 3, we have a 12 old dad

Sean Stewart’s 12-year old boy became a father to Ben Louis who was born on January 20, 1998.  He is already in his early 30s now. Both he and his wife have parted their ways.

At number 1, we have a 9 old father

He became a father at the age of nine in China during the 1910s. These young father and mother have been parents of four children two girls and two boys now.

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