Minnie Dlamini back in the dating game

Minnie Dlamini back in the dating game

Minnie Dlamini back in the dating game. Minnie Dlamini, a businesswoman, actress, producer, and television host, appears to have moved on. The stunning media figure, who recently got divorced, is now prepared to socialize. According to sources close to her, Minnie has been spending a lot of time with Yanga Chief, a successful rapper and businesswoman.

Minnie Dlamini back in the dating game

The new couple, according to a second source who is familiar with them, is so close that they are joined at the hip.

Another source claims that the couple was once seen cuddling up at the late AKA’s listening session, which was hosted in Bryanston, just before his tragic passing.

“We thought they were just friends, but it has become clear that they more than just friends. Their bond is undeniable,” adds the source. The pair was then spotted again last month at a highly anticipated movie premiere, in which Minnie plays a lead role. “Minnie is allowed to have her own fun and she is not hurting anyone,” says the source.

Minnie acknowledged being close to Yanga Chief when contacted for comment, but claims there is no romantic tension between them.

“I’m not dating him. We are tight and have been mates since 2010. He used to date one of my girls,” Minnie laughs.The actress, now turned producer, says she is enjoying being single.

“I’m not dating, but enjoying the single life and the attention,” she says

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