Moana’s burial postponed again

Moana’s burial postponed again

Moana’s burial postponed again

Moana’s burial further delayed as judge, Justice Kwenda is yet to finalise. He will communicate with the parties’ lawyers as soon as possible.

Moana was estranged with her father Ishmael Amuli, who last week dramatically seized the burial order and threatened to bury her as per the Moslem tradition, leading to the mother, Yolanda Kuvaoga, approaching the High Court on an urgent basis.

So we will keep you updated as soon as we hear anything new. Meanwhile below are pictures of both parents of the deceased Mitchelle Moana Amuli as they were at the court.

Respective family members already at the High Court, anxiously awaiting the outcome.
Yolanda wants burial open to everyone at Zororo cemetery while Amuli wants an “Islamic” burial at Warren Hills.

Lawyer speaks out:

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