Mohale Motaung giving ex-husband the taste of his own medicine

Mohale Motaung giving ex-husband the taste of his own medicine

Mohale Motaung giving ex-husband the taste of his own medicine.

Mohale Motaung, a media celebrity, is having a blast as he continues to make fun of his ex-husband, Somizi Mhlongo. The roles seem to have been turned now that Mhlongo teasing Motaung’s days are gone.

Speaking of having someone taste their own medicine, Mohale Motaung keeps poking her ex-husband Somizi Mhlongo in the bear. Soon after their acrimonious divorce, which exposed them to scrutiny and condemnation, Motaung has been the target of frequent insults from Somizi Mhlongo.

Mohale Motaung giving ex-husband the taste of his own medicine.

As he continues to discreetly shade and take jabs at Mhlongo at every opportunity, it appears that Motaung is now paying it forward. When Motaung retweeted a video of a pair wearing matching clothing, he took the chance to be a little provocative with his followers by asking them who the video reminded them of.

“Me and who?” wrote Mohale Motaung

Tweeps couldn’t help but join Mohale Motaung in his laughter as he made fun of his failed marriage and the drama that followed. Mhlongo and Motaung were undoubtedly once the talk of the town. The couple used to travel together, wear coordinated ensembles, and post adorable photos on social media.

But when things went wrong, their drama persisted for a while, and the pair was in the news virtually every day. One would argue that after the allegations of abuse he made against Mhlongo and their subsequent divorce, it is wonderful to see Motaung making light of something that was once upsetting to him.

“Konje wathi kuyothiwani ngaleyampahla? Iskhiye sisakhona?” wrote Sithabile Daka

Anifuni usibona sithulile sheeem” wrote Zanesh Maraj

“OMohale abafuni ukusibona sithule” wrote Boyabenyathi

“Not Corinthians reloaded, sanaz?” wrote Wandi Ndimba

Just two weeks prior, Motaung criticized Mhlongo once more while advising another queer couple on Twitter. Instead of congratulating them, he gave them some suggestions on how to stop fighting with one another. This is in reference to their alleged abusive, traumatic, and ultimately toxic connection with Mhlongo.

In the end, it was revealed that Mohale Motaung had reportedly been the victim of abuse by Somizi Mhlongo. Motaung allegedly endured numerous forms of abuse, including financial, emotional, and physical. One of the couple receives advice from Motaung to stop abusing his girlfriend.

“Ungamshayi.” wrote Mohale Motaung

Twitter users quickly realized that the subtle jab was intended for Mohale Motaung’s ex-husband, Somizi Mhlongo. Tweeps therefore wholeheartedly concur with Mohale Motaung’s counsel to the young LGBT couple. Even the couple was kind in their acceptance of Motaung’s counsel.

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