‘Mohale: On The Record’ – Revelations that will make you go ‘yoh’

‘Mohale: On The Record’ – Revelations that will make you go ‘yoh’
Mohale Motaung being interviewed by Aldrin Sampear on Showmax’s ‘Mohale: On the Record’ | Picture: Supplied


Mohale: On The Record’ – Revelations that will make you go ‘you’.

The streaming service Showmax wanted to offer Somizi Mhlongo’s ex-husband Mohale Motaung an opportunity to tell his side of the story in his own special titled Mohale: On The Record, because his name was brought up so frequently on the fifth season of Living The Dream With Somizi (LTDWS).

I’ve seen the show a few times and have concluded that Mohale did not respond to all of the interview questions.


Despite this, Mohale was able to complete a 51-minute interview (intercut with clips from LTDWS and a video package from his family) to tell us his side of the story. A result is several moments that will make any Mohale viewer: To say “you.”

Yoh is a common South African exclamation, often used in moments of shock and this special provides the perfect instance to use it.

Mohale on the Record: Somizi’s friends hate Mohale


When one hears Mohale’s version of events, which portrays Somizi’s friends as people who begged him to stay despite having seen him being (allegedly) abused, things become troubling. As someone with friends, it would be simple to understand the dislike that Somizi’s friends publicly declare for Mohale in light of their breakup.

The most prominent of them is Thami Dish, an LGBT activist, businessman, and actor.

Thami appeared in the first several seasons of LTDWS, and he frequently offered color commentary for the romantic scenes that were caught on camera.


Early suggestions for an open-relationship

Mohale reported that just one day after Somizi proposed to him, he already intended to make their relationship open to a third party, with little to no information about the types of conversations they had previously about the design of their relationship.

Later on in the special, Mohale stated that despite suggesting ways to “spice things up in the bedroom,” Somizi was never honest about disliking a*x with Mohale.

Somizi goes behind Mohale’s back to speak to his boss

Somizi is portrayed as a demanding partner throughout Mohale: On The Record, so it is startling to learn that he spoke to his boss behind Mohale’s back to “free” him from his position so that he could travel with Somizi.


“Without my knowledge, Somizi sent an email to my boss, asking her that she releases me to go to Paris because flights and accommodation had been booked.”

Mohale then claimed Somizi asked him to resign from his full-time job despite indicating a previous interest in having a partner who was not working in the entertainment industry.

“He wanted me to be a house husband, that was his biggest dream and when I didn’t allow for myself to be in that position, a lot of things started to go wrong in that relationship.”


Additionally, Mohale corroborated rumors that Somizi and TT Mbha, his former best buddy, had cut off communication because the reality star requested Mbha to prevent Mohale from obtaining a position with the Fergusons.

“He denied it to the people but he told me the truth… He told me that he went and told TT Mbha to speak to the Fergusons at that time because he was close to them, do not hire me.”

“Somizi was angry about the fact that TT was not loyal enough to come up with a story at the time to tell me so that I don’t find out that he is the one who told TT to go to the Fergusons.”


One of the most talked-about aspects of the most recent season of LTDWS is accusations that someone wants half of Somizi’s estate, but Mohale calls it all BS.

Mohale wants his ex-husband to pay for the clothes he left at Somizi’s house, to be reimbursed for damage Somizi caused to his car, and to receive half of the money paid to them for their wedding special (R1.5 million in total is reportedly owed to them both by the production company behind the special, Legend Manqele’s Bar Leader TV). He goes on to lay out communications from his lawyer to Somizi’s lawyer, saying they clearly state what Mohale wants from

Mohale goes on to claim that Somizi came up with the idea to divide everything in half.


And that’s not even half of it! Mohale: On The Record is currently streaming on Showmax.


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