Mpho allegedly set to divorce Reneilwe Letsholonyane because he is broke

Mpho and Reneilwe “Yeye” Letsholonyane, a sports broadcaster, are one of Mzansi’s most adored power couples, and they have weathered the test of time. The pair has been married since 1988 and has two lovely children, yet they have been dogged by divorce rumors.

Mpho’s marital surname Letsholomyane was removed from her social media accounts after she married. This has caused some consternation among their fans.

Mpho is now known by her maiden name, Maboi, prompting rumors of trouble in paradise. Some on social media claimed that the pair divorced because Yeye is a broke retired football player.

“Now that Mpho Letsholonyane changed her name back to Maboi. It keeps on reminding me why most Black Springbok players chose white women. To white woman you’re still a man even with an income. Our black Sister don’t tolerate a man without an income!!!,” tweeted @ChrisExcel102.

Mpho has informed followers that her block button is active as they speculate about her nuptials.

“People saying you left yeye because of money is a lie!! You might not know me but I know how much yeye was a serial cheater!!! Very uncontrollable! The venue him Nd shabba owned in Soweto where they would bring girls there??? I’m glad you chose peace over everything sis,” wrote @Lejaka1.

Yesterday Mpho wished her baby daddy a Happy Father’s Day amidst the divorce rumours. In a post on her Instagram page she wrote “Happy Father’s Day to all amazing Fathers and Father figures. May your day be as blessed as you are a blessing.”


Fans have sinced put down their thoughts, here are some of the comments;

“That’s y I dnt even plan on marrying. If I find the one we’ll do vat & sit for life. If she ever pushes me for marriage I’m out. Another guy can marry her.

Also gents if u do decide to marry, remember to make them sign a prenup. No matter how much you love her, don’t skip that”


“Balance me here: And you think a White woman will stay with you when you are poor? And move into eKasi with you when things get bad, let you fetch her from Surbubs to Kasi🤔…Excuse me, spot a white woman married to a poor black man plz…just 1.”

“I know many White Women who are the breadwinners, something A black women will never do”

“To South Africa women a man is an ATM not a partner… A man is a career goal until he’s not. That’s just a general observation. Women have objectified themselves & commodified men. Samthing Soweto & Mlindo both sing about this in Akanamali & Amablesser!”

“They just don’t appreciate what they have and crave for something they don’t have.

I exclude myself from these kinds of black woman. Me and my husband is till death do us part. Am not going anywhere even if we don’t have food in the house”