Mpho Wabadimo reflects on life since becoming a mother

Mpho Wabadimo reflects on life since becoming a mother

Mpho Wabadimo reflects on life since becoming a mother. Former Big Brother winner Mzansi Mpho Wabadimo’s perspective on life has changed after she became a mother.

Mpho WaBadimo has two children. Her firstborn son is Zweli. She recently gave birth to her second son, whom she shares with Themba Broly.

Mpho reflected on her life since becoming a mother on her YouTube channel, discussing how things have improved for her.

“I’m seeing him grow everyday and you know, time flies. Seeing both of my boys together, my heart just melts. I love the bond that is there. Zweli is so protective over his brother, it’s beautiful. That’s the beauty of being a mom. You watch your children grow each day, though I still need to go through the terrible twos and fours,” she said.

She continued by saying that she told a friend that she no longer goes out to parties and that stage of her life is over.

“If I were to go out, it would be to do elite things. I used to be that girl but after having my child, I think going out until the wee hours lessened. I am a person who prefers to go for dinner and drinks indoors. I’m in my soft girl era,” she added.

In addition to being a mother, Mpho has started doing farming and changed the direction of her profession. She cited it as one of her most difficult decisions to date.

“Farming has to be by far one of the toughest and best decisions I’ve ever had to make. I’ve always dreamt of it but once I ventured into it my stress levels hit 100! From surviving livestock theft , sleepless night, loss & learning breeds, training & having to start over it has been a journey and a half,” she said.

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