Mpho WaBadimo Trolled Following Her Break Up To Themba Mabaso

Mpho WaBadimo Trolled Following Her Break Up To Themba Mabaso

Mpho WaBadimo Trolled Following Her Break Up To Themba Mabaso. Following the breakup of Mpho WaBadimo and Themba Mabaso, social media is having a field day. Mpho WaBadimo formally announced the news on social media yesterday, and it appears that many Twitter users are laughing at her suffering.

After their breakup, it seems that few people have sympathy for Mpho WaBadimo and Themba Mabaso. Instead, a large number of tweeps are making fun of the entire circumstance and making jokes out of it. When the Big Brother Mzansi couple made their relationship official shortly after the show ended, it shocked the audience. Despite briefly being the Mzansi’s favorite couple, it seems that sentiment has shifted as Mpho WaBadimo is the target of trolling.

Many Twitter users are reminded of how the instantly millionaire after winning Big Brother Mzansi behaved when she first started dating Mabaso. After that, a tweep brought up how Mpho WaBadimo had said that women were bankrupt the moment they won Big Brother Mzansi’s R2 million Rand.

“I will never forget when she called women broke and asked them where are their fathers” wrote Ekse Mandisa

Mpho WaBadimo Trolled Following Her Break Up To Themba Mabaso

After they cautioned her against Mabaso, Mpho WaBadimo allegedly went on to block a large number of her supporters who had voted for her on Big Brother Mzansi. Due to his desire to build with Mabaso, with whom he was already in a relationship, he has earned the moniker “Bob the Builder.”

“Bob the builder o feletswe ke material” wrote Belo

Konje she even blocked the fans who voted for her to win after they warned her about Themba.” wrote Mbali Mod

While Mabaso is allegedly in the hospital, Mpho WaBadimo is currently pregnant. Mabaso was admitted to the hospital at the beginning of the month not long after his hand was almost amputated due to excruciating agony.

After some of them cautioned Mpho WaBadimo against Mabaso, tweeps have since celebrated the breakup. Mabaso made it abundantly obvious during his time on Big Brother Mzansi that he was dating his baby mother. But after the program ended, Mabaso and Mpho WaBadimo went on dates and even had a reality program called Themba: My Inked World.

“She won 2 million rand & as soon as she left the Big Brother house with her money, she got into a public relationship with Themba, got pregnant & decided to build (with) him and fought for him publicly. He got a reality show, got money, fame & ran back to his baby mama” wrote Anitta Nxusa

“Mpho is unfortunately going to be a single parent again” wrote Mamago Entle

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