Muvhango actress Yolanda Buthelezi ‘Zama’s age makes Mzansi Furious

She is older, Muvhango actress ‘Yolanda Buthelezi ‘Zama’s age gets Mzansi talking.

TV presenter Yolanda Buthelezi (25) won the #SofnfreeSpotlight competition and she gets to go behind the scenes at the South African Music Awards and mingle with the stars.

As part of the growing and nurturing young talent, Sofn’free announced an initiative where one talented and aspiring TV presenter, videographer, and the journalist gets a backstage pass to the SAMAs.

Whos Is Yolanda Buthelezi ‘Zama?

South African actress Yolanda Buthelezi rose to fame when she won a Sofnfree Spotlight competition and walked away with the first prize. Many people fell in love with the beauty’s competitive spirit and ease when she was on-screen.

The actress debuted her role as Zama in Muvhango in June this year as a make-up artist and stylist for Susan’s television interview.

Yolanda Buthelezi as Zama
Yolanda Buthelezi as Zama-Image Source(Instagram/MuvhangoSA)

The show producers kept her own as Vhutshilo’s love interest on the show, a storyline that has kept viewers at the edge of their seats. At first, Zama did not like Vhutshilo’s style, but as time passed and Vhutshilo learned to be himself, their love for each other became mutual. Two men have tried to block Vhutshilo in his bid to be the only man in Zama’s life. First, it was her best friend who lied to everyone who would listen that they were dating.

Yolanda Buthelezi ‘Zama in Muvhango

Yolanda Buthelezi
Yolanda Buthelezi-Image Source(Instagram/YolandaButhelezi)

It took Vhutshilo faking a cold to realize that Zama also liked him. She cooked him soup, fed him, and nursed him back to health. However, the next threat came from his father, Chief Azwindini. Vhutshilo, who had his ex snatched from him by his dad, became afraid when Zama spoke to Azwindini. The Chief also commented on the young woman’s morals and looks, making people think Zama had caught his eye romantically.

Zama’s character is brought to life by actress Yolanda Buthelezi, a young woman in her early twenties. This is because her love interest is still in college, so she will have to be around 22 years of age. However, that is not the situation in real life, as Buthelezi is 25 years old. The actor who plays Vhutshilo is Wavhudi Lidzhegu, who is currently 23 years old and younger than her in real life.

However, the actress makes it work with her naturally younger-looking face. In Yolanda’s pictures, one would think she is still a teenager because of her anti-aging looks. The actress lives an expensive lifestyle and takes time to care for her skin with treatments and a healthy diet.

Yolanda Buthelezi has been on Television for over a year since her big win at the Spotlight competition. Muvhango is actually her debut in her acting career, and she is a natural actress for a person who studied marketing and business management. Her talent on its own has had Mzansi talking, and we hope to see more of her in television productions.

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