Mzansi Celebrities Who Are Best Friends

Mzansi Celebrities who are BestFriends

Zinhle and Pearl Thusi

Pearl Thusi and Dj Zinhle have one of the strongest friendship in the entertainment industry, their friendship began in 2015 and has grown stronger ever since.

Dj Zinhle once said that they have a very supportive and non-judgemental friendship, they are there for each other through thick and thin.The two are both single parents who are also very hard-working. Zinhle and Pearl also have common enemies like Bonang Matheba whom they both don’t really get along with.

Somizi and Vusi Nova

People suspected the TV personality and singer were seeing each other because they are so close. Somizi has verified that they are not dating but do share a spiritual connection.

Regardless of what they are going through, such as after Vusi was kidnapped, the two are always there for one other. Somizi was there for him, and now that Somizi is going through a divorce, Vusi has been there for him. They’ve gone on vacations together, dressed alike, and lavished gifts on each other.

Faith Nketsi and Kim Kholiwe

The two beautiful influencer’s friendship began before they became famous. They later created a dancing group with other girls and their bond got more stronger. Even though they no longer dance they still remain close. They do almost everything together including their work and traveling. When Kim had a baby in the previous year she admitted she broke up with the father, Faith then made it clear she would always support her friend in her journey of motherhood as she is also the god mother of the child. This shows how strong their friendship is.

Shauwn Mkhize and Tha Simelane

When Shauwn Mkhize’s reality show “Kwa Mamkhize” premiered, we were introduced to her best friend Tha Simelane, a businesswoman. Tha claimed in an interview that his friendship with Shauwn began when he was invited to be an ambassador for her football team, the Royal Eagle, because he used to go to so many games. They began to spend a lot of time together now that they were both single. They are now BFFs and work together.