Mzansi react to DJ Fresh & wife’s divorce video

Mzansi react to DJ Fresh & wife’s divorce video

Mzansi react to DJ Fresh & wife’s divorce video
Mzansi react to DJ Fresh & wife’s divorce video

DJ Fresh and his wife Thabiso Sikwane have confirmed their impending divorce by a video posted on social media.

The couple – who wed in 2002 and share three children – have assured the public that their split is “drama free”, despite rumours stating otherwise.

However tweeps have mixed reactions, and many are even claiming that the video is a “cover-up”.

In a move many did not see coming, the former 947 presenter and his ex-partner appear united and even supportive of one another in the video clip.

A few tweeps have claimed that this is an indication of their “maturity”.

“Thabiso Sikwane and DJ Fresh Thato addressing the issue of their divorce.. This is a mature ways to do things”

“This is a friendship….Now they just want to explore separately to other endeavors and it’s really beautiful to watch”

“Dj Fresh & Ex-Wife are the perfect examples of ‘A re kgaogane re santse re utlwana’ [let’s break up and still get along]”

However, many tweeps claimed the couple were merely playing lip-service and were “hiding their pain” from the public.

“They are in serious pain. They are busy flapping their eyelids because divorce is no child’s play. This is a face-saving show”

“People believing this nonsense is amazing…. Behind the scenes they’re enemies”

“Am I the only one believing there is a lot of drama behind this whole thing? They just don’t wanna bring it in public”

“One of them is not being genuine here. Divorce is no child’s play”

“If it’s all good and there was no drama, they wouldn’t be divorcing”

“Both parties have invested wisely on #PR & #brandmanagement. They were advised by good PR people to face the reports head-on otherwise if it was others they’d be using “No comments or it’s a private matter”. By doing so you cut all speculations and the story doesn’t grow legs”

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