Nasty C Reveals He Cried On Stage Whilst Performing AKA’s Lemon’s Lemonade

Nasty C Reveals He Cried On Stage Whilst Performing AKA’s Lemon’s Lemonade

Nasty C Reveals He Cried On Stage Whilst Performing AKA’s Lemon’s Lemonade. Nasty C admitted that he sobbed on stage while singing AKA’s Lemon’s Lemonade during an interview on BBC 1Xtra on how Kiernan “AKA” Forbes’ death affected him.

The sudden passing of South African hip-hop artist AKA stunned the music business, his Megacy followers throughout the world, and really the entire country.

Many people, including his parents, who continue to pay heartfelt tributes to the deceased musician, are still in grief, but Nasty C, another rapper, recently shared his thoughts following the tragedy.

In a recent interview, Nasty C expressed his deep grief at AKA’s unfortunate passing, saying it had seriously affected him.

He asserted that his passing struck the South African music business hard just before AKA launched his album, which was carried out on his behalf by his team with his parents’ consent.

Nasty C also disclosed that although he had been invited to perform and attend AKA’s launches and events, many of them had to be postponed following the passing of the SUPERMEGA.

Since Nasty C was already looking forward to performing during the album launch and that obviously did not happen due to his death, it is safe to say that the news had a significant negative impact on him.

The rapper continued by saying that AKA’s passing had a profound emotional impact on him as a person, causing him to cry live.

He further disclosed that AKA passed away on 10 February 2023, his mother’s birthday, adding to the agony of the loss.

The tremendous sense of loss felt by many in South Africa’s music industry, as well as the terror it instilled in the system as many South African music celebrities began evaluating their security architecture, are both best exemplified by Nasty C’s emotional response to AKA’s passing.

Nasty C’s heartfelt response reveals the impact AKA had on those who knew and collaborated with him as the music industry mourns his passing. AKA undoubtedly created a lasting impression on South African music and will be greatly missed.

In what appeared to be a well-planned assassination by unidentified shooters, AKA was shot dead in the head along with his companion Tibz at the door of a well-known restaurant called WISH in Durban.

The owners of the WISH restaurant have said they would permanently close the establishment since the death of the rapper and his buddy had a bad impact on the business, despite assurances from authorities that they will find the rapper’s killers.


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